Jed Leshowitz Recital Hall

Recital Scheduling

Academic Recitals

Rules and Regulations
  • Leshowitz Recital Hall is available for students enrolled in the following degree programs: BMus, MA, MM, Performer’s Certificate, and Artist Diploma.
  • Sophomore and Junior Recitals will only be scheduled in G55 or 201.
  • Events in the Recital Hall are staffed by Production Office personnel while events in G55 and 201 are unstaffed.
    • Room setup and restore is the responsibility of the performer for both G55 and 201.
    • Archival audio recording happens for all Leshowitz Recital Hall events. Contact Phil Clifford for more information. Audio/video recording arrangements for G55 and 201 are the responsibility of the performer.
    • Events in Leshowitz Recital Hall may be streamed and video recorded by the Cali School. Due to the nature of the reliance on technology and university networking infrastructure, video recording and streaming is not guaranteed, but every effort will be made to reliably capture, stream, and archive performances that are staffed in Leshowitz Recital Hall.
  • Recitals must not exceed 90 minutes in length, inclusive of one 10-minute intermission.
  • You will have 30 minutes for a sound check starting one hour before your recital. The house will be opened 30 minutes prior to your scheduled recital start time.
  • Recitals must always start on time unless there is a need for production to hold. No exceptions.
  • No encores permitted. House lights will come up at the conclusion of your final piece.
  • No food, drink, or receptions are permitted in the building.
  • No cancellations are permitted unless there is written emergency approval by the Cali School Director Anthony Mazzocchi.
    • Recitals canceled without approval will only be rescheduled in G55 or 201.
  • No recitals are permitted to be scheduled during the following conflicts:
    • The Crawford Memorial Concert in December
    • Against area/instrument-related large ensemble events (e.g., no voice recitals during a University Singers/MSU Chorale concert)
  • All recital production requirements are subject to the Production Manager’s approval.
  • Recital grades and registration:
    • Recital grades are given by your private instructor and submitted by the instructor of record Taylor Goodson. If you have a problem with your recital grade, be sure to discuss it with your private instructor or your academic advisor.
    • If you registered for a recital but were unable to complete it, you will need to re-register for the course to book another recital in a subsequent semester. Exceptions to this must be approved in writing by the Cali School Director.

Student recitals are held in the Leshowitz Recital Hall, room G55, and room 201. Events in the Recital Hall are staffed by Production Office personnel while events in G55 and 201 are unstaffed. In order to book the Recital Hall, your recital must be scheduled at least one month in advance. Recital scheduling for the Fall semester opens on August 1st, about one month before the semester begins. Recital scheduling for the Spring semester opens on December 1, about six weeks before the semester begins. Recital Hall scheduling for the Fall semester closes on November 15 while Spring semester recital scheduling closes on April 15. All recitals scheduled after November 15/April 15 will be scheduled for G55 or 201 only as scheduling for the Leshowitz Recital Hall is fully closed on those dates.

In order to successfully schedule and finalize your recital date, you must complete the following:

  • Meet with your advisor to determine how many recitals (if any) are required to complete your degree.
  • Register for your recital. You must be registered for your recital before proceeding with recital scheduling.
  • Find three dates* that you, your accompanist, and your instructor have available for your recital.
  • Meet with Taylor Goodson in person to schedule your recital. Office hours are posted on his office door, Chapin 129. If you are not at school during the available hours, send an email to to schedule an alternate time.
  • Once a date has been confirmed with Taylor, you will receive a blue recital scheduling form. This will begin a two-week countdown to your deadline. IMPORTANT: If this scheduling process is not completed within two-weeks of receiving your blue form, your date will be erased from the calendar and released for other use.
  • Your private instructor must sign the top section of the recital form.
  • Bring your signed form to the Production Manager, Phil Clifford, to discuss your anticipated program and any production needs. If approved, Phil will receive your blue form and reconfirm your recital with you, your instructor, accompanist, the area coordinator, and the scheduling office via email.  Your recital is now scheduled and fully confirmed.
  • If at any time during this process you foresee any problems meeting your deadline, contact Phil and Taylor via email. If you do not meet your deadline and have not communicated beforehand, you will forfeit the use of the recital hall and your date will be released. All recital communications must happen via official Montclair State University email accounts only.
  • One scheduled two-hour dress rehearsal is permitted per recital.** Dress rehearsal time is not guaranteed and is subject to the availability of your performance space. Speak to Taylor to schedule your dress rehearsal after your recital is confirmed.

*Available recital times:
Tuesday – Friday: 5 & 8pm; Saturdays: 2, 5 & 8pm; Sundays: 11am, 2pm, 5pm, & 8pm
No recitals will be scheduled on Mondays or during University holiday weekends.

**Additional rehearsals for recitals that rely on large ensembles:
Two additional two-hour rehearsal times may be booked for the following academic recitals that rely on large ensembles: Jazz, Composition, and Graduate Conducting. These rehearsals may only be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays in the following spaces: G01, G02, G33, 206, 230, 330, and 430. Rehearsal time is not guaranteed and is subject to room availability. The Scheduling Office will do everything possible to ensure scheduled rehearsals can occur as planned, but the need for flexibility is necessary for extreme circumstances. As much notice as possible will be given if a rehearsal needs to be moved or rescheduled.


Additional Scheduling Information

Student Organization Scheduling

Please adhere to the following guidelines for booking Student Organization events in the Cali School of Music.

  • All Student Organizations must appoint one point of contact for all scheduling needs and concerns. The Scheduling Office will work with this contact for the booking of events.
  • Scheduling for Student Organizations’ needs will begin on August 1st for Fall events and December 1st for Spring events.
  • All Student Organization scheduling must be completed by either November 15 or April 15 of the current semester. No additional scheduling can take place in the semester’s final month to ensure that there is appropriate time for booking end-of-semester events (dress rehearsals, juries, exams, etc.).
  • The Scheduling Office will do everything possible to ensure scheduled Student Organization meetings can occur as planned, but the need for flexibility is necessary for extreme circumstances. As much notice as possible will be given if a Student Organization meeting/event needs to be moved or rescheduled.
  • All informal Student Organization events are to be held outside of Chapin Hall. Organization recitals and relevant musical activities are welcome to be held in our facility, but social events and similar activities should be held elsewhere on campus, such as the Student Center, Recreation Center, or in the many Residence Life locations available for student use.
  • Student Organizations are not permitted to use the Leshowitz Recital Hall unless written approval is provided by the Cali School Director Anthony Mazzocchi.
  • For more information, please visit the Center for Student Involvement website at:
Chapin Hall Room Rental Fees

For MSU Students and Personnel

Within Chapin Hall, our three large performance spaces (G55, 201, and the Leshowitz Recital Hall) are available for rental throughout the year. The following rates apply for use of the space:

Weekday Day (Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm)
$100 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour

Weekday Evening (Monday – Friday, 4pm – 10pm)
$200 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour

Weekend (Saturday & Sunday, 9am-10pm)
$250 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour

Rental rates are for non-academic events only (audio and video recordings, rehearsals, non-degree performances, etc.) – these fees do not apply to degree recitals, dress rehearsals, or other for-credit endeavors.

A non-refundable $25 deposit is required in order for your reservation to be placed on the Cali School calendar. No reservations will be made without this deposit. Please visit the Scheduling Office in order to book any and all dates.

Portions of an hour are charged as a whole. Events that begin prior to 5:00pm and end after 5:00pm are charged at the evening rate. Other rooms, rates, and availability are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Please discuss any and all production requirements and anticipated schedule with the Production Office after your date and time has been secured.