performers on darkened stage from 2018 Production of Lucretia


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Making Inroads in Music with Cali Pathways

A $75,000 grant supports Cali Pathways Project as it opens doors for pre-college music students from underrepresented backgrounds

Harmonious Heights

Celebrating Excellence at Cali School of Music’s Annual Student Awards

Chorale to Sing Fauré’s Requiem with New Jersey Symphony

Students, employees, alumni, and friends can get discounted tickets

Pathways program vocalist in front of accompanist on stage

Diversifying the Music Makers

Cali Pathways Project is changing the face of classical music by helping talented young underrepresented musicians reach their full potential

Scchicci opera cast on stage in dramatic pose

Cali Opera Production of Gianni Schicchi and Buoso’s Ghost a Huge Success

Passion + Preparation = Powerful Performance!

Large choir poses in a cathedral.

Tis the Season

University Singers shine with rousing ‘Hallelujah’ with NJ Symphony Orchestra.

Immersive Residency: The Cavani Quartet at Cali

Leading American String Quartet Cavani Quartet was thrilled to shape the musical lives of the next generation through seminars that featured audience engagement and a “team-work” approach to rehearsal techniques.

Immersive Residency: Hip Hop and R+B Week at the Cali School

Flashing back to the Cali Immersive Residency Hip Hop and R+B week in early October 2022.

Acclaimed bassist and bandleader Christian McBride, Philadelphia-born and raised, shows support for his hometown team during his residency at the John J. Cali School of Music.

Lessons from a Jazz Master

Bassist Christian McBride headlines Cali immersive residencies

The Montclair State Wind Symphony Performs in Prague

Cali musicians make the most of a prestigious international invitation

Cali Professor Wins Grammy

Aubrey Johnson, Jazz Voice Adjunct Professor and director of the Montclair State University Vocamotion Singers awarded a GRAMMY in 2021.

MSU at the MET, University Singers

Montclair at The Met

Cali musicians perform on the stage of The Metropolitan Museum of Art