Piano in Steinway Hall


1. Professional staff accompanists and piano students are available. At the beginning of each semester discuss your specific needs with your studio professor. Your studio professor will take care of making arrangements. The university pays for a limited number of hours, as follows:

  • Juries: String players will get up to three hours of rehearsals before juries. Woodwind and Brass up to one hour. Voice students get none, due to having more accompanist hours during regular lessons.
  • Wednesday and other masterclasses: All instruments get up to one hour of rehearsal time.
  • Degree recital: Eight hours total.  Two hours are reserved for the recital itself.  Six hours of rehearsals total including dress rehearsal. For all extra rehearsals, students must pay directly to the pianist.

2. Accompanist will NOT have all the necessary music. Strings/Woodwind/Brass students must provide music eight weeks prior the juries or degree recitals.

3. A $200 recital fee is added to your university tuition bill for the semester in which you have your recital. This fee includes payment to the accompanist for six hours of rehearsal plus two hours for the actual performance. You may adjust these hours as long as the total does not exceed eight (for example, 5+3).

Each staff accompanist is paid by the university for rehearsing with students and playing for studio voice lessons, juries, masterclasses and degree recitals. You should not pay any additional fees unless you use rehearsal time beyond the allotted number of hours. Students must pay accompanists privately for any time beyond the maximum number of rehearsal hours shown above.

5. You may make private arrangements with your accompanist for extracurricular events such as competitions or off-campus recitals and you must pay the accompanist to work with you. The university will not pay for accompanists for these events or for rehearsals for such events. Be professional and make all financial arrangements clear from the start. It is always a good idea to make a simple written contract with your accompanist stating hourly rate and number of hours planned. Make no assumptions when money is involved.

6. Guidelines for cancellations and lateness: If a student needs to cancel an appointment with the pianist, or if the pianist must cancel an appointment with the student, he or she must give at least twenty-four hours notice. If one of you is late, he or she cannot expect the other to wait beyond 12 minutes.