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Cali Project Spotlight: Remixing Pivotal Musical Moments In Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy

In the David Ott Lab for Music and Health, C’airra Cotte and Claudia Orozco study the fascinating phenomenon of “pivotal musical moments” in the therapeutic process.

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Course Project: Psychological Foundations of Music II
Instructor: Dr. Michael Viega

C’airra Cotte (BA in Music Therapy, May ’21) is currently an intern at Buttonwood Behavioral Health Center.
Claudia Orozco (BA in Music Therapy, May ’21) is currently an intern at The Louis Armstrong Department of Music Therapy at Mount Sinai.

The purpose of this study was to understand the role of digital music technologies in helping Nordoff-Robbins (NR) music therapists explore pivotal musical moments in therapy. C’airra and Claudia conducted their research in spring 2020, during the early phases of Covid-19, which necessitated an exploration of the imagery potentials and relational dynamics of online digital music instruments, techniques, and platforms from a music-centered perspective.

[3:00] What is a pivotal moment and what is its role in music therapy?
[17:00] C’airra shares a song she wrote and the other participants help her explore it in sound
[31:00] C’airra provides a case example of a remix
[46:48] Claudia shares a case example
[1:03:25] What are the implications of this kind of research?