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Cali Project Spotlight: Jack’s Family Band, An Internship Journal

In the fall of 2020, sophomore Jack Powers decided to use his family as a music teaching and learning lab, with surprising results!

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Family Band Practicing

Student: Jack Powers, projected date of graduation May 2023
Music in Community Settings

Course: Foundations of Music Education

At the Cali School, Music Education internships often have a diary component which is used as a tool for thinking about music teaching and learning. In the middle of the pandemic, Jack Powers reflects on his experience of forming a family band beyond a mere description of what happened to consider why things may have happened, from a variety of perspectives. In relating a series of warm-hearted and sometimes humorous rehearsals, he muses on how the experience has brought his family together and changed his thinking about teaching.

Introduction from Jack Powers:

For my internship, I took 4 weeks to teach my 3 brothers how to play a song of their choice on instruments that they were not familiar with. For context: Alex and Luke are both 17 (identical twins), and Patrick is 12. Alex and Patrick play drums, Luke plays French horn.

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