A student sitting down in a lounge chair working on her laptop in a colorful room.

How to Read the Class Schedule

Log into NEST.

Navigate to the “Register for Classes” page.

Screenshot of NEST when you log in

On the Register for Classes page, navigate to the “Registrar’s Office Tools” portlet and select the University Schedule of Courses link.

A screenshot of the NEST Registrar's Office Tools Portlet with the University Schedule of Classes circled in red.

Select the term for the class schedule you wish to view.

Screenshot of the Class Schedule Select Term or Date Range dialogue box in Self-Service Banner.

Select from any of the available criteria.

The search criteria page under the Schedule of Classes in Self-Service Banner with Class Search circled in red.

Sections will come up with information about meeting times, days, instructor. Copy down all Course Record Numbers (CRNs) for courses you will want to register for.

If you would like to see the course description, pre-requisite or other information about the course, navigate to the CRN and select “View Catalog Entry”.