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Fawzia Afzal-Khan headshotFawzia Afzal-Khan

Webpage: fawziaafzalkhan.webs.com
E-mail: khanf@mail.montclair.edu
Office: Dickson Hall room 121
Phone: 973-655-7309

Director of Women's & Gender Studies
BA: Punjab University (India), MA: Tufts University, PhD: Tufts University

Fawzia Afzal-Khan is Professor of English, University Distinguished Scholar, and Director of Women and Gender Studies at Montclair State University. Afzal-Khan received her BA from Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, Pakistan, and her MA and PHd in English Literature from Tufts University, Ma.

She is a cultural materialist who works at the intersection of Feminist Theory, Cultural and Performance Studies, and Postcolonial Studies. She is author of 5 books, her latest a controversial memoir entitled Lahore With Love; Growing Up With Girlfriends Pakistani-Style (Syracuse University Press 2010; rep Insanity Ink 2010; can be ordered here). She is a frequent contributor to Counterpunch and Express Tribune, and a published poet and playwright.
She is a Contributing Editor to TDR (The Drama Review), and serves on the Advisory Board of SAR (the South Asian Review.

She is also a trained vocalist in the North Indian Classical tradition. Her music videos exploring themes of gender, religion, class , set in Pakistan, can be viewed on youtube (FAK Lahore, FAK Payal, FAK Smokescreen, FAK Sacrifice). She was a founding member of the experimental theatre collective Compagnie Faim de Siecle, with whom she toured and performed in Europe and N America.

Her current research work is focused on Pakistani Popular Culture.

For WMGS, Dr. Khan has taught:

WMGS301 Feminist theory
WMGS Global Feminism
ENLT 372: Women Prose Writers
ENLT 230: 20th Images of Muslim Women in Twentieth Century Literature and Culture


WMGS Teaching Faculty


Julia Landweber headshotJulia Landweber

Webpage: Personal Home Page & Academia.edu Page
E-mail: landweberj@mail.montclair.edu
Office: Dickson Hall room 412
Phone: 973-655-7482

BA: Reed College, PhD: Rutgers University

I am an assistant professor of early modern European history and women's studies at Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey. I received my Ph.D. in history from Rutgers University (2001), and my B.A. from Reed College (1993).

My recent research has focused on reconstructing the impact early modern relations between France and the Ottoman Empire had upon eighteenth-century French culture and identity formation. Today's strained relationship between the civilizations of Islam and the West demonstrates a profound need to better understand the ties which have historically bound these two worlds. Using diplomatic records, travel and literary works, and popular engravings, my work of the past ten years examines how conflicting French images of the Turks and the Ottoman Empire were employed in the creation of individual and national identities within Old Regime France between the 1660s and the 1780s.

I have published five essays on eighteenth-century turquerie and one essay on Sophie Germain, a Napoleonic-era French mathematician.

For WMGS, Dr. Landweber has taught
WMGS 102: Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
WMGS 201: Inventing Feminism
WMGS 402 research seminar


Jill Hersh headshotJill Hersh

E-mail: hershj@mail.montclair.edu
Office: Dickson Hall room 120 (WMGS office)
Phone: 973 655-7911 (Connects to the WMGS office)
Fax: 973-655-7755

BA: University of LaVerne, MA: University of Southern California, PhD: University of Southern California

Jill Hersh currently teaches the special topics course, Gender & Popular Culture and the foundation course, Introduction to Women's Worlds with Service-Learning, for the Program in Women's and Gender Studies at Montclair State University. She has been afiliated with the Women's and Gender Studies program since 2004 and has previously taught classes in Women's Worlds and Feminist Media Criticism. Her research interests include virtual communities, cyberfeminism, female fandoms, and media history, theory & criticism. She has also been awarded a Service Learing Fellowship.

For WMGS, Dr. Hersh has taught
WMGS 102: Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
WMGS 302: Selected Topics in WMGS: Gender & Popular Culture
WMGS 201: Inventing Feminism
WMGS 102: Service Learning


Carmen Reyes-Cuevas

Email: cuevasc@mail.montclair.edu


Carmen Reyes-Cuevas began her Montclair State University career as an EOF counselor in 1992, and in 1995 she was promoted to Assistant Director, the position she holds today. She has been teaching Women and Gender Studies for the past four years and has a strong passion in trying to find ways to recruit more Latinas into the major. She also has taught Perspectives on Latin America for the Latin American/Latino Studies program (LALS) and Instructor for GNED 199 New Student Seminar. Carmen has served on the University Senate, President’s Commission on Affirmative Action, Child Care Center Advisory Committee, Latino Caucus, the Hispanic Association for Higher Education of NJ, as well as advisor to the Latin American Student Organization (LASO) and the Human Relations and Leadership Development Program (HRLD).  Most recently, she works as a HISPA mentor.

For WMGS, Dr. Harry has taught
WMGS 102: Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies


Shannon Harry

Email: harrys@mail.montclair.edu

Ph.D: Ohio University


Dr. Shannon Harry Walsh regularly teaches Introduction to WMGS and occasionally teaches Global Feminisms, Feminist Theory, and Inventing Feminisms. Her research involves identities and popular culture, focusing on gender and sexuality in film and television. She has written, taught and presented on women in Arab and Persian cinemas, African American women in contemporary American mainstream film, and postfeminist heteronormativity.

For WMGS, Dr. Harry has taught
WMGS 102: Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
WMGS 301: Feminist Theory


Venezia Michalsen headshotVenezia Michalsen
E-mail: michalsenv@mail.montclair.edu
Office: Dickson Hall
Phone: 973-655-5154

BA: Barnard College, Columbia University, MA: John Jay College of Criminal Justice, PhD: The Graduate Center, CUNY

Professor Venezia Michalsen is an Assistant Professor of Justice Studies at Montclair State University. Dr. Michalsen's research interests focus on gender and the American correctional system. She came to Montclair State University after working at the Women's Prison Association, the nation's oldest organization serving women with criminal justice system Involvement. Dr. Michalsen teaches courses cross-listed with the Women's and Gender Studies program, including "Gender and Crime" and the very popular "Human Trafficking."

For WMGS, Dr. Michalsen has taught:
WMGS 102: Introduction to WMGS
WMGS/JUST 355: Human Trafficking
JUST 403: Seminar on Gender and Crime
WMGS 401: Independent Study: Women’s and Gender Studies



Yasemin Besen headshotYasemin Besen

E-mail: beseny@mail.montclair.edu


Dr. Yasemin Besen-Cassino is Associate Professor of Sociology at Montclair State University She received her Ph.D. from SUNY Stony Brook in sociology. Her work focuses on work, gender and youth with a global comparative perspective. Her work appeared in prestigious journals such as Contexts, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, National Women’s Studies Association Journal and Theory and Society.

Supported by grants from the W.E. Upjohn Foundation and American Association of University Women, her work on the gender wage gap in the teenage labor market has receives numerous paper awards including the James Prothro Award.
Her books include The Jessie Bernard Reader(with Michael Kimmel) on the life and the works of the prominent feminist and Consuming Work: Jon Stewart, Branding and Youth Work in America(with Dan Cassino).

Yasemin Besen-Cassino teaches Men and Masculinities(WMGS 208), Intro to Women and Gender Studies and the Research Seminar and Consuming Work: Jon Stewart, Branding and Youth Work in America(with Dan Cassino). Currently, she is working on a book (under contract at Temple University Press) on teenage employment in America and a text book on research methods(under contract at Pearson Press)

For WMGS, Dr. Besen has taught:
WMGS 208: Men and Masculinities
WMGS 102: Introduction to WMGS
WMGS 402: Intro to Women and Gender Studies and the Research Seminar and Consuming Work


David Lee Keiser headshotDavid Lee Keiser
E-mail: keiserd@mail.montclair.edu
Office: University Hall Room 2117
Phone: 973-655-7199, Fax: 973-655-7084

BA: University of Michigan, MA: San Francisco State University, PhD: University of California at Berkeley

I am interested in the ways in which the purposes of public education intersect with notions of democracy and social justice, how school/university partnerships work to provide the ethical and effective teachers to public schools, and how the nexus of mindfulness and teacher education can help navigate unchartered waters of the current high-stakes testing climate. As the coordinator of the Agenda for Education in a Democracy, I try to include many teachers and university faculty members in ongoing professional development for school renewal and change.


‌‌‌‌‌‌Anuj Vaidya

Email: vaidyaan@mail.montclair.edu

BHA: Carnegie Mellon University, MFA: School of the Arts Institute of Chicago


Apart from teaching in the WMGS Program, Anuj Vaidya is also an artist and a curator. His practice straddles the cusp between performance and film, and addresses the intersections between gender, sexuality, and ecology. His works Chingari Chumma (2000), Bad Girl with a Heart of Gold (2004) and Aur Paschim: Transvestites in Space (2010) have been screened at numerous venues, both nationally and internationally. In addition to being an independent curator, he is also co-director of the 3rd San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival which takes place annually in November. 

For WMGS, Prof. Vaidya has taught
WMGS 102: Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies
GLQS 302: Select Topics: The Trouble with Normal


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