Academic Advising for CSAM Students

For CSAM majors, understanding course prerequisites and course sequencing is extremely important. The decisions you make regarding course selection for each semester should be made collaboratively with your department academic advisor to make sure you are meeting the correct requirements and are on track to graduate.

Academic advisors do more than work with students to plan their coursework for each semester however. Academic advisors support and partner with students so that you can make informed decisions, develop appropriate goals in order to succeed academically, and plan for the future. The relationship you develop with your faculty advisor is one of the most important relationships you will have throughout your academic career.

We want you to be informed, empowered and proactive!

Working With Your Academic Advisor

The relationship between advisor and advisee is one of shared responsibility. Though you as a student are ultimately responsible for the choices you make in college, the University realizes that in order to make informed decisions, students need the mentoring and advice of academic advisors and others in the University community. Your academic advisor is your primary resource regarding academic issues, opportunities, and programs and could perhaps be thought of as the coordinator of your educational experiences.

CSAM Academic Advisor

Advising by Department