Montclair State University College of the Arts

College of the Arts Priorities

The College of the Arts aspires to such bold priorities as meeting the increasing costs for financial aid to all who need it. In the current economy the College, now more than ever, is committed to an affordable education for students from every background. Gifts provide the needed resources for increased student aid, exceptional teaching and learning, and a dynamic home enabling students to explore new ideas and refine skills for the good of society.

Student Financial Aid
Undergraduate Scholarships, Graduate Teaching Assistantships, and Student Development Scholarship funds bring students here who otherwise would not be able to afford a Montclair education in the arts. By so doing, these funds provide high level students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to learn and discover together, representing a real world experience that will serve them well the rest of their lives.

Exceptional Teaching
The College of the Arts experience is shaped by the high quality faculty of renowned artists and scholars who are dedicated to the students. Students work directly with notable teacher-scholars who engage them in the best of ideas and culture.

Programs that provide a Competitive Edge
Our programs enable students to tackle real problems in an every-day changing world. To keep pace we need to anticipate and respond quickly to the environment of today and tomorrow. Gifts to the College of the Arts provide the resources for our students to excel and gain a competitive edge.

Ways to Support these Priorities

Annual Giving
The heart and soul of our philanthropic endeavors is our Annual Fund which provides support for the College of the Arts priorities including financial aid, teaching and learning, student life new initiatives that keep up with a rapidly changing world.

Planned Giving
Leaving a legacy gift to the College of the Arts can help both your financial and philanthropic goals. There are a number of simple but powerful giving opportunities that might generate increased income and tax savings for you and satisfy your desire to leave a significant gift to the College.

Capital Giving
Certain gifts made to the College of the Arts preserve and enhance the learning community by supporting priority facilities needs that benefit students and teachers. These gifts for capital purposes ensure the long-term programmatic strength of the College of the Arts.