2013; CART; Dean Daniel Gurskis

Message from the Dean


If you’ve arrived at this webpage, chances are good that you’re interested in some aspect of the arts, media, and communication. Well, you’ve come to the right place. More than 3,782 students are pursuing degrees in the College of the Arts in over fifty majors, minors and concentrations. And those cover virtually every area of art and design, communication and media, music, theater and dance.

So whether you see yourself onstage or backstage, behind a camera or in front of a classroom, at a piano keyboard playing a Beethoven sonata or at a computer keyboard designing The Next Big Thing, the College of the Arts has a program for you.

But you know the old expression “seeing is believing.” So I invite you to come to our beautiful campus in Montclair, New Jersey and see first-hand the kinds of truly exciting things that are happening here. In the meantime, keep in touch on Facebook and on Twitter @Dean_CART.

I’ll see you at Montclair.

Dan Gurskis
Dean, College of the Arts

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