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How to Apply

Admission to Programs in the College of the Arts

Students applying to a program in the College of the Arts must complete the university application and answer questions specific to their intended major.  (Note: In addition, some programs require an audition, interview, portfolio or writing submission, others do not.)

Step 1: Prepare

Before beginning an application, determine the department or school that houses your intended major, then find the preparation guidelines through these links:

Department of Art and Design AdmissionSchool of Communication and Media AdmissionJohn J. Cali School of Music AdmissionDepartment of Theatre & Dance Admission

Step 2: Apply

If you are applying as a NEW STUDENT, select one of the following:

Applying as a Freshman or TransferApplying as a Graduate Student

If you are a CONTINUING STUDENT at the University, intending to change your major, find and follow the Department or School guidelines via the links indicated in Step 1.