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Dr. Evan Matthews’ Work on Cardiovascular Physiology Featured at Advanced Imaging

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Headshot photo of Dr. Evan Matthews

Dr. Evan Matthews’ educational public outreach work with cardiovascular physiology is featured on the site, Advanced Imaging. This video, created using an ultrasound machine and echocardiography techniques, shows the decrease in blood pumped to the body following an abnormal heartbeat. This is important to demonstrate the negative effect of irregular electrical activity of the heart.

Dr. Matthews is an Assistant Professor in the Exercise Science and Physical Education department. He is a cardiovascular physiologist with interests in how exercise and diet impact cardiovascular health. His studies involve sophisticated equipment to measure various physiological variables (e.g. ultrasound for vascular and cardiac blood flow, near infrared spectroscopy sensors for muscle oxygenation, intravenous catheters for blood sampling, etc.). His recent studies include investigations into the impact of dietary sodium on cardiovascular health, food substitutions and arterial function, and blood pressure control during static muscle contraction.

View the video of his work: