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Public Health Association at Montclair (PHAM) Student Group Promotes Public Health Advocacy

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The Public Health Association at Montclair (PHAM) is an undergraduate, student-led organization which seeks to support the professional development of its members, promote public health advocacy, and encourage social justice change in order to ultimately improve the health and wellness of Montclair State University’s campus and its surrounding communities. Through involvement in PHAM, members will gain a stronger sense of community and access to networks on and off campus. Its members share a passionate commitment to social justice, eliminating health disparities for the mental, social, and physical well-being of MSU’s student body. PHAM is recognized as a student organization affiliate of the New Jersey Public Health Association.

PHAM is advised by the faculty club advisor, Dr. Tamara Leech. Dr. Leech, Associate Professor in the Public Health Department, expertly guides the students and assisted with constructed PHAM’s constitution and understand Student Government Association regulations. The students feel a connection with her as they share ideas and receive feedback.

The founding student members include:

  • Tayebah Wali, President
  • Margarita Guzman, Treasurer & Secretary
  • Molly Rosenak, Vice President of Professional Development
  • Marcos Garcia, Vice President of Health Advocacy
  • Dolly Bouzi, Vice President of Outreach
  • Justin Inigo, Outreach Committee
  • Evanie Evra, Outreach Committee
  • Lynn Nguyen
  • Tiffany Frazier
  • Nicarlie Meronvil

The founding members are all Public Health majors who want to contribute towards making a difference in healthcare. Moving forward, PHAM will focus on topics such as harm reduction, training for administering NARCAN, resume writing workshops, LinkedIn training, and panel discussions with graduates.