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Dr. Rachel Garver Publishes Research on Segregation and Integration

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Photo of Dr. Rachel Garver

Dr. Rachel Garver, Assistant Professor in the Educational Leadership Department, recently published two articles on segregation and integration. The first, “Segregation and Integration in the Education of English Learners: Leadership and Policy Dilemmas,” was featured in a special issue of Leadership and Policy in Schools, and co-edited by Megan Hopkins. The second, “How Harmful is Segregation? English Learners’ Conditions for Learning in Segregated Classrooms” was published in volume 19, 2020, issue 1 of Leadership and Policy in Schools.

Leadership and Policy in Schools aims to provide a high-quality forum for educational researchers, practitioners and policymakers to publish analyses and research about how school leaders and educational policies utilize fiscal, material, and human resources to bring about change in education and effectiveness in schools. It is published by the Taylor & Francis Group.