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Alumna Rebecca Yellin Named President-Elect of the Greater New York Dietetic Association (GNYDA)

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Rebecca Yellin, an alumna of the Nutrition and Food Studies Department, was recently offered the position of President-Elect of the Greater New York Dietetic Association (GNYDA). Rebecca has been involved with the group for roughly 3 years, providing continuous and increasing involvement with the association. This designation is part of a three-year Presidential commitment with GNYDA, the leading group of food and nutrition experts in the greater New York City area. The GNYDA is inclusive of members who are registered dietitians, dietetic interns, or local nutrition students. As an organization, the GNYDA provides continuing education, networking, support, and partnership both internally for members and externally for local organizations. Enhancing and diversify the dietetics profession to positively impact the NYC community with which the GNYDA serves.

As a student, Rebecca was involved with the Montclair Chapter of the Food Recovery Network, and received an educational scholarship from Les Dames d’Escoffier, a philanthropic organization of women leaders in the fields of food, fine beverage and hospitality.