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Dr. Stephanie Silvera Promotes Double Masking and Explains How to Do It Correctly

Posted in: College News and Events, Public Health

Dr. Stephanie Silvera, Professor in the Public Health Department, recently spoke with Briana Vannozzi of NJ Spotlight News regarding the new suggested practice of wearing two masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Dr. Silvera stated, “So I think there are two aspects of the pandemic that we are taking into account. One is that there are these newer variants that have higher rates of transmissibility that we need to be concerned about, and really with that, making sure that we don’t allow this virus to continue to mutate as we try to get people vaccinated and get the pandemic under control. The other s] the studies that have been shown, primarily on mannequins not on people, that wearing two masks…decreases the probability that your respiratory particles will through the first mask and potentially spread to other people.”