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How Young is Too Young for Sex Education? Dr. Eva Goldfarb Explains Why Early Sex Education is Important

Posted in: College News and Events, Public Health

When should sex education begin? Some experts say that it’s never too soon to start teaching kids about the fundamentals – concepts like consent and respect. Dr. Eva Goldfarb, Professor in the Public Health department, joined LX News to explain why early sex education is important, and how to start.

Dr. Goldfard stated, “There is no too young. When your child starts talking, you can start talking.” She added, “Don’t wait for the talk that typically happens around puberty. That’s way too late. A parent’s job is not just to give information to their child, but also to share their values and to help to shape their child’s values. So starting really early with conversations around for example body integrity. ‘I get to decide who hugs me. You get to decide who hugs you. And if I tell you I don’t want you to hug me, you need to hear that and respect that.'”