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Dr. Stephanie Silvera Remarks on Upcoming Flu Season for

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A health worker giving the flu shot.

Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey, has reported over 100 cases of the flu in the past couple of weeks. Although the numbers for cases in New Jersey are currently low, Rowan’s numbers are an indicator of this year’s flu season.

Dr. Stephanie Silvera, Professor in the Public Health Department, commented: “We can see it coming. I think we’re seeing the beginning of flu season, and I do think it will be worse. But it’s also telling me that precautions that we were taking last year, and through some of this year at least – which protect us against cold, flu, and COVID – those defenses are being let down, and we’re becoming more relaxed. And so if we’re seeing an increase in flu, we may also start to see (an) increase in other respiratory illnesses.”

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