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Dr. Eric Weiner Publishes “Dead Teachers, Live Pedagogies And The Reanimation Of Hope” for 3 Quarks Daily

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Dr. Eric Weiner, Associate Professor in Educational Foundations, recently was chosen to write monthly essays for the prestigious web site 3 Quarks Daily. The online magazine posts essays about art, science, literature, politics, and philosophy from some of the top writers, thinkers, and scholars around the world.

Dr. Weiner noted, “Those of us who are teachers, the lessons we learned from our dead brothers and sisters, those intimates who have touched and transformed our lives in deep and meaningful ways, can be reanimated through our teaching. Imperfectly beautiful and unfinished in life, critical pedagogies of remembrance resurrect and reanimate the dead by embodying and amplifying their central habits and conceptual maps. Like pedagogical alchemists, we transmogrify the lessons that they left us in a way that is unique to each of us and the particular brave spaces of learning that we share with our students. If the lists of the dead that come out at the end of each year reek with nostalgia and sentiment, are “flat” in E. M. Forster’s terminology, pedagogical reanimation recasts the death of those that we loved into a pleasantly plump and “round” form of characterization and ‘re-memory.'”

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