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Evan Griffin

Master of Arts in Higher Education, Class of 2022

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Name: Evan S. Griffin
Program (Degree and Major): Master of Arts in Higher Education
Graduation Date/Expected Graduation Date: January 2022

Please tell us about your plans post-graduation.

Since graduating, I’ve had the opportunity to work as an Academic Advisor at Seton Hall University. The work has been amazing and revived my love and passion for education.

What were the best parts of your program?

The best parts of my graduate program were classes in which discussions were held and group work/activities. Some of my former classmates and I reminisce about this as we progress forward in our careers.

What was your favorite class or experience in the program, and why was that so important to you?

My favorite class was Group Dynamics. I loved it because I had an opportunity to learn in practical ways, what it means to lead others in a healthy manner and facilitate group work with a team mentality. The icebreakers each of my classmates and I did were very engaging.

Why did you choose this field of study?  Why did you choose the program at Montclair State University?

I chose this program and field of study because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of college students and help provide a level of clarity and stability as they’re making decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. I love to teach and educate and I believe this field goes hand in hand with my passion.