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Dr. Román Liera and Dr. Blanca Elizabeth Vega featured in Penn State Article on Racial Assimilation in Higher Education

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Photo of Dr. Roman Liera and Dr. Blanca Elizabeth Vega

A study co-authored by Dr. Blanca Elizabeth Vega, Assitant Professor, and Dr. Román Liera, Assistant Professor, both from the Educational Leadership department, is highlighted in the Penn State article, “Latinx scholars speak out on racial assimilation in higher education.”

Dr. Vega specializes in higher education access, equity, and success. Dr. Vega has publications in the areas of higher education finance, undocumented immigrants and policymaking, campus racial climate and culture, Minority Serving Institutions, and organizational conflict.

Dr. Liera designed his research program to study how college and university practices and policies perpetuate racial inequity and how faculty and administrators can transform such practices and policies to advance racial equity. His current projects focus on understanding how race operates in doctoral education socialization, the academic job market, hiring, and tenure and promotion.

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