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Professors Awarded Grant to Support Course Design

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starry background with overlay headshots of Marisa Trubiano on left and Maisa Taha on right

Maisa Taha, Associate Professor of Anthropology, and Marisa Trubiano, Associate Professor of Italian, were awarded a 2022 Digital Ethnic Futures Consortium (DEFCon) Teaching Fellowship. This award will support development of a new Indigenous Languages & Cultures course to be offered as part of the new Native American and Indigenous Studies minor. The course will involve students in researching language reclamation and stewardship, building and contributing to digital fora that make language revitalization resources accessible to descendant communities, and working with local tribal communities.

DEFCon Teaching Fellowships are 8-month fellowships that support course design with the goal of positioning recipients to subsequently apply for a DEFCon Capacity Building Fellowship the following year, if they wish. DEFCon Teaching Fellows receive a stipend which can be used as compensation for work time, to pay for childcare, and/or offset the costs of attending digital humanities training institutes, such as the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI), Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching (HILT), and DREAMLab.