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Cortni Borgerson Featured on “People Fixing the World” Podcast

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Cortni Borgerson holding an insect in a cup

Cortni Borgerson, assistant professor in the department of Anthropology was interviewed on BBC’s podcast “People Fixing the World” with Mira Anubi. Borgerson discusses her work on a long term project to farm insects called sakondry in an effort to save endangered lemurs in Madagascar. The lemur is one of the most endangered groups of primates in the world and is threatened by both habitat loss and hunting. The goal of the project is to teach remote communities to farm sakondry so they can improve food security and malnutrition while reducing habitat loss and hunting. The edible insect project has shown to have up to a 50% positive impact on the lemur population in those communities that farm sakondry.

Check out the podcast and learn more about how this tiny insect can potentially have a huge impact: