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The Wipro Science Education Fellowship Receives Phase III Funding from University of Massachusetts Boston

Since 2013, the program has supported 60 teacher leaders in five NJ districts.

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Dr. Monica Taylor, Dr. Mika Munakata, Dr. Emily Klein, and Colette Killian
Dr. Monica Taylor, Dr. Mika Munakata, Dr. Emily Klein, and Colette Killian

Montclair State University’s Wipro Science Education Fellowship program recently received funding to support Phase III of their project through the University of Massachusetts Boston. This phase of the project will run from March 1, 2022 through June 30, 2026.

The faculty team includes Dr. Mika Munakata (Mathematics Department), Dr. Emily Klein (Teaching and Learning), and Dr. Monica Taylor (Educational Foundations), with Colette Killian as project manager.

The Montclair State University Wipro Science Education Fellowship (SEF) is a professional development program designed to support experienced K–12 science teachers as teacher leaders within their districts. The program was originally developed by UMass Boston and was implemented in similar ways across seven universities. The program works with teachers of various disciplines and grade levels from five high-need school districts. It is funded by Wipro Limited, a global information technology and consulting corporation with a vested interest in public education in both India and the US. The  $561,630 funded for Phase 3 will allow the program to expand its reach to more teachers, additional disciplines, and new districts, all with the goal of creating sustainable structures for teacher leadership within districts.