Techlaunch students and advisors

2018 Participants

Gerard Nasser – Biology
The Aerosolization of Bacteriophage as a Disinfectant
Mentor: Kirsten Monsen
Rebekah L. Madrid – Biology w/ Chemistry Minor
Increased Levels of Oxidative Stress in Human Fibroblast Lung Cell Cultures and the Loss of Mitochondrial Function Due to Exposure to Particulate Matter from September 11, 2001
Mentor: Ann Marie DiLorenzo
Mihal Grinberg – Biology
Let’s Feed the World and Have More Babies
Mentor: Carlos Molina
Cesar Idrovo – Biochemistry
Relationship between soil depth and enzyme activity in metal contaminated soils at Liberty State Park
Mentor: Nina Goodey
Kimberly Fabijanczuk – Biochemistry
Mechanistic Study of Free Radical Activated Glycan Dissociation by 13C Labeled Cellobiose
Mentor: Jinshan Gao
Computer Science
Danilo Stevanovic – Information Technology
Distance Metric Learning for Chinese Character Calligraphy Recognition
Mentor: Aparna Varde
Ryan Nicolosi – Information Technology
Developing and deploying a medically accurate mobile application for individuals interested in autism spectrum disorder and other challenges
Mentor: Katherine Herbert
Tabitha Smith – Computer Science
Crack Wi-Fi Passwords for Fun
Mentor: Boxiang Dong
Earth and Environmental
Christopher Tenebruso – Sustainability Science
Modeling the Evolution of a Coupled Barrier-Marsh-Lagoon System
Mentor: Jorge Lorenzo Trueba
Ingrid Witty – BA Geography; Environmental concentration with a minor in GIS
Place based approaches for sustainable loblolly pine cultivation for bioenergy in Virginia
Mentor: Pankaj Lal
Dunia M. Fernandez – Mathematics
Control of Secondary Extinctions in Food Webs
Mentor: Eric Forgoston
Valerie Avendano – Physics
Magneto-Optical Materials for Faraday Isolators in Future Gravitational-wave Detectors
Mentor: Rodica Martin