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2019 Competition

Thank you to all those that joined us on Wednesday, April 10 for the 2019 competition, and congratulations for all the students that competed this year! You can watch the presentations below.


All Participants


Mohamad Abboud
How does Acarbose, an alpha glucosidase inhibitor, affect triglyceride hydrolysis in adipocytes?
Angelo Cirinelli
Transmembrane Transport of an Inducible cAMP Early Repressor (ICER) and E6apBD Protein Chimera as a Possible Treatment for Cancers
Justin D Reidy
Metals vs. Microbes in Urban Soils

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Eshariah Dyson
Peroxidase Activity of Metal Contaminated Soil at an Urban Brownfield
John Walters
How can we detect heavy metals in solution in an accurate fashion that is cheaper and easier to interpret data from?

Computer Science

Matthew Kowalski
A Web Portal for Urban Policy Analysis by Data Mining
Alexandra Kunkel
Correction of Anomalies in Object Detection based on Commonsense Knowledge
Kailin Tang
Which chemicals in our inventory contain regulated substances?

Earth & Environmental Studies

Kristen Brennan
A fully operational GIS Center at Montclair State University will benefit students, faculty, administrators and external companies/municipalities, by facilitating the adoption of GIS in a variety of applications.
Christine Leonhardt
Demographic Trends of Walkable Cities

Mathematical Sciences

Ely Schudrich
Given a graph G with certain expansion properties depending on integers k and m, find the smallest integer r = r(k,m) such that G contains a collection of k – 1 vertex disjoint cycles which cover all but at most r vertices.
Jack Tobin
Semi Automated Techniques for Segmentation of Fetal Ultrasound Images

Physics & Astronomy

Timothy J Walters
Endless Possibilities: Metallic Glass Sensors at Cryogenic Temperatures
Joseph Pateras
Can entropy production serve as a metric for the equilibrium states of a neutrally buoyant particle in flow and and account for the arising of the phenomenal Segre-Silberberg radius?

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