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Pass/Fail for Fall 2020 Semester

Deadline to Submit is Wednesday, December 2, 5 p.m.

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Due to the challenges of the pandemic, the University will extend the deadline for undergraduate students to request a grade of Pass/Fail, instead of a letter grade.

You Can…

  • Choose only one of your fall semester courses to change from a letter grade to Pass/Fail. (Please Note: If you already selected the Pass/Fail option previously this semester, for a fall semester course, you cannot add another course or change your request to a different course.)
  • View details about course eligibility courses or programs on the Pass/Fall Policy website.

Deadline to Submit

If you elect the Pass/Fail option for fall 2020 you must complete and submit a “Pass/Fail Application” by 5 p.m., Wednesday, December 2, 2020.

As per the policy, this request is final and cannot be reversed.

Please be advised that because of this late change, it may take up to four (4) weeks following the posting of grades before the new designation shows on your transcript.

How to Access the Pass/Fail Form

To access the form, log into NEST, click on “Register for Classes.” In the Registrar’s Office Tools portlet, click on the link for “Fall 2020 Pass/Fail Request.”

Considerations and Options

Remember: Not all courses or programs are eligible for this option –  view the Pass/Fall Policy website for full details.

It is important to understand that this may not be the right choice for all students:

  • A grade of Pass does not count towards the Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Many master’s degree and doctoral programs look unfavorably on applicants who submit undergraduate transcripts with many P/F grades.
  • It may affect financial aid eligibility.
  • A Prerequisite course with a P grade may prevent registration into the next class in a sequence as it will not satisfy the prerequisite grade requirement.
  • Pass/Fail grades will impact Satisfactory Academic Performance.

A preferable option for most to consider is to seek one of the many opportunities available to get help to improve your work in the course. Those options include discussing concerns and seeking help from:

  • Your instructor
  • Your academic advisor
  • Your University College advisor
  • The Office of the Dean of your College or School
  • The Academic Support Center
  • Your EOF advisor
  • The Office of the Dean of Students


For questions about submitting a Pass/Fail request, contact Red Hawk Central at or call 973-655-7600.

We want every student at Montclair State to be successful, and we encourage you to continue to work hard and to take advantage of all the resources the University offers to support you.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving break.