Student Communications

The Department of Student Communications was established in 2014 to implement a unified communication strategy and procedure for internal communication with our Montclair State students. Student Communications collaborates and coordinates with academic and administrative offices to bridge communication gaps, produce effective messaging, establish processes and improve the students’ engagement, connection to support services and community pride.

Red Hawk News

The Red Hawk News (RHN) is an e-newsletter sent directly to your Montclair State email. It’s filled with exciting and important information you’ll want and need to know. We will send you reminders and deadlines, info about campus events, where to get free food and t-shirts, career opportunities, emergency alerts and so much more.

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Red Hawk Life

Campus life at it’s finest. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to get a daily dose of news, events and campus pride! From What’s that Wednesdays to Red Hawk Pride Fridays and Good Morning Montclair State, there is something for everyone. We also have a new student-run podcast called The Red Hawk Talk!

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Rocky the Red Hawk

Our office oversees Montclair State’s mascot, Rocky the Red Hawk, and Team Rocky! RockyTeam Rocky consists of approximately 20 dedicated Montclair State undergraduate and graduate student volunteers and campus leaders. Our main goal is to spread Red Hawk Pride, encourage involvement and put a smile on your face.

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Red Hawks of Montclair State

A page created by and ran by students, Red Hawks of Montclair State (RHOMS) is an Instagram that profiles students, faculty, staff and alumni of our Montclair State University community. Our student photographers take your photo, get your “blurb” and feature you on this very popular page. Your story matters and we want to hear it. You can also email us at

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Pride Patrol

The Pride Patrol is a group of students who roam around campus and find those wearing another school’s logo! We are all about Red Hawk Pride, and if we find you in “violation” we give you a free t-shirt to rep Montclair State.

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Rocky on the Street

A popular YouTube series, Rocky and the student host run around the campus of Montclair and ask random questions. We guarantee it will make you laugh!

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