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Category: Social Justice and Diversity

Rainbox flag

Bursting with Pride!

University’s LGBTQ Initiatives Recognized by Campus Pride and Study-com!

Words of Hope: Cultivating a Compelling Future Together

View the Recap of this Powerful Event from March 30, 2021.

Picture of spring daffodils on campus.

Staying Safe During Our Sacred Times

Message from Council for Faith and Spirituality.

Office of the President

Anti-Asian Bias

A message from President Cole.

Diversity Week Summit

Office for Social Justice and Diversity: A week-long virtual summit!

Dr. Susan A. Cole

Racial Justice: a message from President Cole

A Message from President Cole to all Students.

Graphic of two people talking with speech bubbles above their heads.

Grub and Grapple

Offered by the Office for Social Justice and Diversity and the President’s Commission on Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity.

Flag Raising Ceremonies

The tower of the School of Communication and Media.

Student Conduct and Title IX Reporting

Advocate: University’s New Online Conduct & Title IX Reporting System Now Available.