Rocky at Events

Request Rocky and Roxy for Your Event!

All requests are first-come, first-served and reviewed by the Advisor for Team Rocky to ensure the request is clear, concise and safe for the mascots to attend. Please be aware that Rocky and Roxy always come with at least one Handler. Handlers serve as Rocky’s eyes, ears and voice since the mascots do not speak. The Handler is also available to help take photos, give suggestions and care for Rocky and Roxy’s wellbeing. We also take into account the length that the mascots are requested to be out at an event. Any event longer than 45 minutes will require a safe, air conditioned break area for the mascots to cool off.

Looking for Deacon? To request Deacon, email Mark Ruff at

Request Rocky and Roxy for Your Event Today!

Some of the Birds Favorite Events

  • New Student Orientation
  • Red Hawk Day
  • Homecoming
  • Montclair State Athletic Games
  • Student Organization Events
  • Mascot Birthday Parties
  • Commencement

What Rocky and Roxy Can Do at Your Event

  • Take pictures with participants
  • Sign autographs
  • Help hand out prizes / awards
  • Dance / get others up off their feet
  • Make TikToks (that you have pre-planned)
  • Make others laugh / smile
  • Perform skits (if pre-planned)
  • Hype up the crowd!

Rocky is Rocky

Rules and Expectations for Rocky at Your Event

  • Rocky and Roxy’s identities are to be kept a secret.
    • Do not ask inappropriate questions.
    • Do not assume /  try to find out who is in the suit.
  • Respect the mascot’s personal space and wellbeing.
    • Give them privacy when they needs a water break.
    • No pushing or jumping on Rocky or Roxy
    • It is tiring for the birds to walk long distances / up and down flights of stairs.

It’s very important for everyone to understand and respect that Rocky is Rocky and Roxy and Roxy. The identities of the students who perform as the character of Rocky and Roxy are to be kept a secret until graduation when they reveal. This is one of our most special campus traditions and we expect for our students, staff and faculty members to understand!

If you do not adhere to these expectations, we will not attend your future events.