Rocky the Red Hawk

Montclair State’s School Mascot

Rocky the Red Hawk stands between 5’8″-6’2″ tall and closely resembles the red-tailed hawk, which many members of our community may see flying over campus throughout the year. Rocky is dedicated to spreading Red Hawk Pride and frequently attends events both on and off-campus. He never misses a Homecoming or Commencement and loves to come out of his nest as often as he can to support the students, faculty and staff here at Montclair State.

Request Rocky!

Rocky is available upon request, pending notice and availability. He loves taking selfies, passing out prizes, riding around on his golf cart with handouts and all around just having fun. So no matter what your event, we would love to try to make it!

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Team Rocky

In 2015 a group of approximately 20 dedicated Montclair State undergraduate and graduate students was formed called Team Rocky. These student leaders encourage others to get involved and stay connected to campus and always show their true Red Hawk Pride. Rocky represents all Red Hawks, so Team Rocky is as diverse as our student body. The team has formed traditions and continues to grow as the campus expands.

Want to Join Team Rocky?

Once a member of Team Rocky, always a member of Team Rocky! That said, openings depend on how many students graduate each year. Some years we may have 10 open spots and others maybe only one or two. Do you think you have what it takes? Applications will reopen in fall 2020 for admittance in the spring 2021. Check out Rocky on Engage!

Rocky the Red Hawk Usage

Rocky’s Name:

Rocky always goes by one of the following:

  • Rocky the Red Hawk
  • Rocky

Further, “Red Hawk” on its own, is always two words, capitalized.

Rocky’s Image:

Official Montclair State University department fliers, videos and social media channels are permitted to use Rocky’s image if the following standards and guidelines are met.

Permitted Images and Usage:

  • Rocky must always be wearing a red or white shirt that says “Montclair State University.”
  • Rocky is brown with a red tail.
  • Any photo from this University link is acceptable.

All class projects and community requests to use Rocky’s image use must be approved first by the Manager of Team Rocky.

Prohibited Images and Usage:

  • Any Rocky wearing a shirt that says “MSU.”
  • Any “red” Rocky the Red Hawk
    • The red costume is now used for his sister Roxy’s persona.
  • Rocky must always be posed and portrayed in an appropriate manner (ie: no profanity, foul language or inappropriate gestures).
  • old rocky not permitted for use red rocky not permitted for use

Rocky’s is Unbiased:

  • Rocky does not express or favor any one political view or religious affiliation.
  • Rocky does not favor or show favoritism towards any one student, club or organization.
  • Rocky loves and supports all his fellow Red Hawks equally!
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Rocky loves to be social and we hope you give him follow! He’s always having fun dancing, dressing up and hanging with his other mascot friends. Check it out!

He also helps with a popular web series, Rocky on the Street! Watch Now!

Rocky's Feathered Family

Being a mascot is more fun when there are other characters to work with, which is why we have created a small family for Rocky! Although the other characters do not appear as often as Rocky does, they do come out during notable events and special times of the year, like Rocky’s Birthday every October 5!

Roxy – Rocky’s Little Sister

Roxy, unlike Rocky, is red! While the other members of Rocky’s family all don the brown feathers and red tail, Roxy has red feathers and a red tail. She is one of a kind, quirky and a little dramatic at times. She does represent a more feminine character and has even been seen wearing a tutu. Of all the family members, Roxy comes out the most, besides Rocky of course, and is invited to attend women empowerment events, fashion shows and other sibling related activities. Help us celebrate her birthday every March 18!

Ricky – Rocky’s Cousin

Rocky’s cousin Ricky only comes out on Halloween. He is a fan favorite though and every year we look forward to his appearance on October 31. He’s a bit shorter than the rest of the family and can come off a bit frightening, but he only means well.

Roy – Rocky’s Uncle

We decided to create an uncle for Rocky so that there was no confusion over parental figures. Just like most families, aunts and uncles don’t have to be blood, and in this case it’s no different. Uncle Roy is an older gentleman and walks with a cane. He experiences arthritis when it rains but is a good sport about it. If you get the chance to meet Uncle Roy, expect a firm handshake and maybe a pat on the back.

History of Rocky
  • In 1989 Montclair State University became the Red Hawks.
  • In 2001 “Rocky” was named after a student vote as our school mascot.
  • In 2015 Team Rocky was formally established.
  • In 2016 Rocky’s cousin Ricky made his official debut.
  • In 2017 Rocky created his very own Snapchat: @RockytheRedHawk and Instagram: @RockyRedHawk
  • In 2018 Rocky’s little sister, “Roxy,” made her official debut.
  • In 2019 Rocky’s “Uncle Roy” made his official debut.