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Safety Drill on Campus: March 8

University Police Will Coordinate with Community Partners, Wednesday, March 8.

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Community Message

The University Police will conduct a drill in the area of Webster Hall on the morning of Wednesday, March 8. This drill will involve law enforcement, EMS and firefighters from the area and it will provide University first responders with the opportunity to practice responding to emergencies.

About the Drill

The drill will be realistic and you may see emergency personnel and vehicles with sirens and lights. There will be actors who may seem upset or acting as if they are injured. First responders will use their training and equipment to respond as if this were a real emergency. If you think any of this might be upsetting, please avoid the area. If you are curious about the drill, you are welcome to watch from a safe distance, but please do not get involved.

Remember, this will not be an actual emergency. We will post signs and have personnel on the scene to remind the community that this is only a drill. If you hear from anyone who thinks that the situation is an actual emergency, please let them know it’s just a training exercise.

If an actual emergency occurs, University Police will alert the campus community and identify the incident as not part of the drill.

Please Note: To facilitate this drill, certain areas may be closed to non emergent vehicle traffic. Those community members with mobility concerns can alert officers working the perimeter of their needs.

Why Do We Drill?

We scheduled this training exercise during Spring Break because we do not want to disturb the operations of the University. However, we know that some employees and students may be on campus on Wednesday, March 8, so if you need to be near Webster Hall on the morning of March 8, please plan accordingly.

Future drills will incorporate a larger segment of the community including faculty, students and other stakeholders. Our goal always is to prepare the University for the best response possible to all hazards.


For any questions related to this drill or our emergency preparedness please contact Interim Chief of Police Kieran Barrett at