Dance Repertory Company

Dance Repertory Image The MSU Dance Repertory Company is comprised of MSU Dance Majors. Auditioning for the company is a requirement (as well as an opportunity!) for dance majors who are fulfilling rehearsal and performance expectations for the Dance program. Auditions are held the first week of the Fall semester and rehearsals begin immediately. The company's three annual concerts are held respectively in the MSU Dance Theatre, Alexander Kasser Theatre and Memorial Auditorium on campus. The company also performs off campus at the American College Dance Festival where it has won numerous awards and recognitions.

The MSU Repertory Dance Company performs a diverse choreographic repertoire that has included:

  • Pat Graney's Colleen Ann
  • Martha Graham's Steps in The Street
  • Bill T. Jones' D Man in The Waters
  • Murray Louis' Four Brubeck Pieces
  • Robert Battle's Promenade
  • Sean Curran's The Metal Garden; Folkdance For The Future
  • Tigger Benford and Martha Partridge's Quadrabox
  • Alwin Nikolais' Sanctum
  • Bill Evans' Craps; Velorio
  • Shapiro & Smith's Family; Cube; To Have and To HoldIntimateNever Enough; Cafe; Two; Documentary; Dance Dance
  • Doris Humphrey's Water Study
  • Charles Weidman's Brahm's Waltzes
  • Sara Hook's To Seldom Spire
  • Sara Hook and David Parker's Housebroken
  • Jose Limon's A Choreographic Offering
  • Donald McKayle’s Games
  • May O’Donnell’s Pursuit of Happiness
  • Sophie Maslow’s Folksay
  • Charles Weidman’s Lynchtown
  • Robert Battle’s Arbitrary Intersection
  • Earl Mosley’s Running Spirits

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