behind the scenes, building the set for Three Penny Opera

Admission to BFA Theatre: Design, Technology and Management Concentration

Step 1
Major-Specific Guidelines

To be considered for admission to the BFA in Theatre Design, Technology and Management program, students must first submit an online application to Montclair State University, then follow the guidelines below:

  • Applicant should be an incoming freshman or sophomore.
  • The University application will request the following:
    • Transcripts

    • Digital portfolio

    • Essay response video – please upload to the Portfolio section of application

    • Resume of experience

    • Small recent school photo or headshot

    • Two letters of recommendation:  One must come from a teacher, director and/or other theater professional who can speak to your potential as a Theatre Design, Technology and Management major. Letter should evaluate your self-discipline, attitude, motivation, creativity and potential for success in the performing arts.

    • $50 interview fee

    • Partner Organization interview alternative
      • Applicants submitting an interview who instead choose to participate in an interview conducted by a Partner Organization must register online for their preferred event.
          • Partner Organizations include National Unified auditions, Moonifieds, CAP, Mid-Atlantic Regional auditions and NJ Thespian Festival
          • Applicants must complete and submit an online application to Montclair State University before scheduling an interview through one of our Partner Organizations.
          • Participating Partner Organization events and dates are displayed on the Department Admission – Prospective Student Appointment Calendar
  • ON CAMPUS AUDITION COVID GUIDELINES •Only the auditioning student should enter Life Hall. Accompanying parents or friends should plan to wait elsewhere or drop off and pick up•Completing Hawk Check prior to your visit is necessary for everyone who will be entering campus 

    •Masks are to be worn on campus and in auditions (unless otherwise stated)

    •Vaccination Cards & Hawk Check clearance email will need to be presented at your scheduled audition date

Please note that once enrolled in the Design, Technology and Management Program, students must participate in an annual review to continue in the program.

Step 2
Prepare Your Portfolio
  • Be selective in preparing your portfolio. Portfolios should include the best examples of art work, production work and design, tech or management capabilities.
  • Reflect your area(s) of future concentration and interest:  management, design and/or technical work. For design and technical work also indicate the areas in which you have the most interest:  scenic, costume, lighting, sound, video projection, art direction. The program encourages study in multiple areas. If you have a produced design, show examples of your process and the development of the project to the finished product on-stage. Document the evolution of a complex technical project through a series of photographs.
  • Label all photographs and documents clearly.  Identify your work as a class project or realized production with the play title, producer (organization or class), and date.  When submitting artwork, indicate size and medium used. Stage Managers submit sample organizational and reporting worksheets used with blocking and cue sheet samples.
  • You can take credit as “assistant” on your resume and provide applicable paperwork (drafting, lighting plot, etc.) if any.
  • Include examples of non-theater work reflecting your taste and abilities such as graphic arts projects, life drawings, or examples of photography. Photos of three-dimensional work including scenic models, realized costumes and construction projects may also be included.
  • Applicants with an interest in sound design and technology post sound files with images that include an identifier at the beginning of each example stating the play title, the producer (organization or class), and date, or other appropriate information if the example is not from the sound score of a play.
  • Prepare Your Essay Response Video

    • Create a short (6-10 minute) video clip and upload to the Portfolio section of your application.

    • Respond to the following prompts:

      • Tell us who you are and why design, tech or/and management is of interest to you.

      • Share something else with us that you are particularly passionate about. This can be an organization that you have worked with, issues of social justice, your family, a program in which you participate at school, a hobby you have pursued for a long time. Tell us what it is about this that moves you and why it holds special meaning for you.

      • Talk to us about a situation where you were met with a significant challenge, and you think that you came up with a very effective and creative solution to solve that challenge.

      • Name one play, movie or television show you have seen where you really noticed the visual design of the production, and it inspired you.  What was it about the visuals in that show that excited you and left a lasting impression?


Contact Lisa Grimes for Program Admission
Contact Mysti Stay, Program Coordinator