Dancers posing on stage

Admission to BA Dance Education

Major-Specific Guidelines

To be considered for admission to the BA Dance Education program, you must first submit an online application to Montclair State University; then follow the guidelines below:

  • Applicants should be incoming freshmen or sophomores.
  • Upon completion and review of the submitted university application, applicants may be emailed an invitation to attend an audition with the Department of Theatre & Dance. (note: Please schedule your appointment online in accordance with sent instructions.)
  • The audition consists of:
    • Participating in a ballet and modern dance technique class during regular school hours
    • If adjudicated to continue:
      1. presentation of a minute and a half solo
      2. private interview
  • While we already have you application information, please also bring the following on the day of the audition:
    • Dance photo showing form and line as well as a wallet-size headshot.
    • Appropriate dance attire (Refer to audition confirmation email from coordinator).
  • Applicants should arrive early on the day of their scheduled appointment.
  • Note to long-distance applicants: Dance applicants for whom travel is prohibitive may request to submit a video to be adjudicated by the reviewing faculty.

Following the audition, the Department of Theatre and Dance will notify candidates directly regarding their results.

Note: Once enrolled in the Dance Program, students must participate in an annual review to continue in the program.


Director of Dance

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Elizabeth McPherson

Professor, Theatre and Dance

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Coordinator, BA Dance, BFA Dance

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Maxine Steinman

Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance

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Dance Admissions Coordinator

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Lynne Grossman

Adjunct Faculty, Theatre and Dance

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