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13 CSAM Students Named 2016-2017 Woodrow Wilson Fellows

As fellows, the individuals will receive $30,000 to complete one of our Master's programs in teaching.

Professor Assists in Proving Einstein's Theory Again

Montclair Launches Green Business Certification Program

The Montclair Green Business Program encourages local businesses to adopt simple environmentally-friendly steps, such as reducing waste (and disposal fees), being more energy efficient (lowering utility bills) and promoting healthy living.

MVS USA, Inc. is Seeking Developers and Interns

Duties will revolve around the assisting in the development, release, and support of the “SeaMate” project and product.

Satellite Eye on Earth

Glaciers melting, dust storms raging and typhoons blowing - all captured by Nasa's Earth Observatory satellites each month

NASA Earth Observatory

Images and information from the NASA Earth Observatory

Professor seeking a PhD student to work on our NASA ABoVE project

Participate in research to assess changes in vegetation in erect dwarf-shrub and low-shrub Arctic tundra zones as part of the NASA Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE)

Local News Features Marine Biology Professor

Dr. Paul Bologna has been featured in multiple local news pieces regarding the ongoing issue with Jellyfish.

Distinguished Programs - Associate Software Engineer

This individual will be responsible for analyzing, coding and testing on individual and team development projects as well as enhancement the portfolio of applications.

Congratulations to six new PhDs in Environmental Management