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Faculty research links to Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Dr. Aziz Sancar, who has done research with Drs. Yvonne Gindt and Hans Schelvis, is one of the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2015.

With CSAM Faculty

There are many opportunities to do research right here with our faculty!

Brooklyn College REU

Brooklyn College seeks talented undergraduate students from (but not limited to) historically disadvantaged groups to take part in a semester-long, scientific research training program in neuroscience.

Hotels at Home - HTML Email Designer

The ideal candidate has the ability to create unique, eye-catching email designs while also following email best practices and brand guidelines.

Director of the Red Hawk Math Learning Center

The University seeks a Director for the RHMLC to continue to advance the mission of the Center, continually improve on course materials, and provide leadership and supervision to its staff.

Assistant Professor of Physics

Priority will be given to a candidate with a strong background in experiment, observation, or instrumentation in the fields of gravitational physics or astronomy.

Amy Tuininga Named Institute Director

Amy Tuininga, an ecosystems ecologist, joins the University from Fordham University, where she was most recently chief research officer.

Kate Hausman

The students discover a clue in the form of a screech owl during their Questing activity

Kent Place School Visits NJSOC

Summit school returns to NJSOC for environmental education experience

Assistant Professor in Analytical Chemistry

Applicants with experience in method development are especially encouraged to apply.

Assistant/Associate Professor with expertise in the area of Parallel Computing

Candidates must have strong research and teaching skills.