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Photo: Matthew Rigby

George Washington Bridge at Night - Physical World Macro category winning photo.

Science Photo Competition Winners Announced

Student photos for College of Science of Mathematics competition capture beauty of science

Amazon Seeking Software Engineer

Candidates must be pursuing a Computer Science degree and have programming experience in at least one of the following languages: Java, C++, C.

Water Analysis Laboratory now NJDEP Certified

Offering chemical, microbiological & cyanobacteria testing

Raman Post Doctoral Fellowships for the Year 2015-2016

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gautam is awarded the 2016 Raman Post Doctoral Fellowship to work under the supervision of Dr. Amir H. Golnabi at the Center for Quantitative Obesity Research at Montclair State University.

Madhavi Vishnubhotla presents the Mobius Strip to 7th grade students in Lyndhurst.

Madhavi Vishnubhotla and Mika Munakata visited Jefferson School

Madhavi and Mika gave a presentation entitled "Creativity in Math and Science" as part of the Visiting Scientists Program.

Assistant Professor of Physics

Applications from all areas of fundamental physics or astronomy are welcome to apply. We are especially, but not solely, interested in candidates with expertise in gravitational physics, atomic physics, nuclear or particle physics, exoplanets or solar system astronomy, radio astronomy, quantum computing, biophysics, and statistical physics.

Professor (Assistant, Associate, or Full) of Applied Mathematics

Preference will be given to candidates with potential to engage with and reinforce the following active areas of research by current faculty: applied dynamical systems, computational fluid dynamics, computational modeling, mathematical biology and medical imaging.

Department Chairperson/Open Rank

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Montclair State University seeks applicants for a tenured-faculty position with open faculty rank to serve as the Department Chairperson.

Nick D’Ambrosio

Arianna, Norhan, and Doriann finding the diameter of a tree

Trees of Montclair

Faculty and students piloted a project seeking to map the tress along the streets of Montclair.

Congratulations Justin Seventko, who received the Graduate Student Research Poster Award at the 10th Annual Student Research Symposium

His poster was entitled Exploring variations in teacher and student agency in an out-of-school videogame-based mathematics class