NJSOC Announcements

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Veronica Puza

Students are treated to a beautiful sunset as they make their way back from an outdoor class

The Hewitt School Visits NJSOC

Sixth graders enjoy outdoor environmental experience at Montclair State University's field station in Stokes State Forest.

Jamie Hoffman

The Joint Activities environmental experience starts with a trip across Rainbow Bridge.

Jersey City Joint Activities Program Visits the NJSOC

The JCJA's program continues it's fine tradition of giving their students an outdoor environmental experience.

Veronica Puza

Students enjoy a little recreation time on Lake Wapalanne

Harrington Park Students Participate in Environmental Classes at the NJSOC

The Harrington Park School continues it's long standing tradition of providing their students with a high quality outdoor educational experience.

Andrew Aboagye

Student engage in a team-building activity during their visit to the NJSOC

Livingston Park School has Environmental Experience at the New Jersey School of Conservation

The fifth graders of the Livingston Park School in North Brunswick experience the great outdoors at Montclair State University's environmental field station

Jamie Hoffman

Students sample aquatic macro-invertebrates from a stream on campus during Water Ecology

Newark Christian School Returns to the School of Conservation

Led by teacher Faith Watts, the seventh graders from Newark embark on a 3-day environmental education experience

Jamie Hoffman

Students learn about teamwork during the "Hot Stuff" activity

Jersey City's Golden Door Charter School Visits NJSOC

Students enjoy a tow-day environmental educational experience at the New Jersey School Of Conservation

Dr. Pope Sheds Light on NJSOC Boulder Field

As part of a semester long project in Geomorphology, Dr. Gregory Pope and his students studied the properties of a large boulder field just east of Lake Wapalanne.

Jefferson Middle School Students Donate Nature Quilt Blocks to NJSOC

The gifted and talented program at Jefferson Middle School takes on a project to draw attention to the environment

Book Published on the History of NJSOC