NJSOC Announcements

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Kate Hausman

Students learn the fine art of metalsmithing.

Jersey City Joint Activities Rings in the New Year with a trip to the NJSOC

Students brave the January elements in Stokes State Forest

Kate Hausman

Students enjoy exploring the stream on campus.

Bedminster Begins December with a Trip to the NJSOC

Olivia Hathaway

Students work together to solve a problem during the Action Socialization Experiences.

Grant School Returns to Stokes State Forest

Following a long tradition of providing outdoor educational experiences for their students, the Grant School sends the first of two groups of sixth graders to Montclair State University's field station, the New Jersey School of Conservation.

Olivia Hathaway

NJSOC environmental educators, Tom Card and Kevin Mitchell, team up to deliver a lesson on early American woodworking

Mullica Township School District teams-up with the Folsom School District for trip to NJSOC

Once again Mullica and Folsom team-up to experience the great outdoors at the Montclair State University's environmental field station.

Kate Hausman

NJSOC educator, Walt Myers, instructs students at the climbing wall.

Jefferson Township Middle School Sends Their "White" Team to NJSOC

JTMS sends the last team of seventh graders to the New Jersey School of Conservation for an environmental education experience

Dr. Pope Sheds Light on NJSOC Boulder Field

As part of a semester long project in Geomorphology, Dr. Gregory Pope and his students studied the properties of a large boulder field just east of Lake Wapalanne.

Jefferson Middle School Students Donate Nature Quilt Blocks to NJSOC

The gifted and talented program at Jefferson Middle School takes on a project to draw attention to the environment

Book Published on the History of NJSOC