NJSOC Announcements

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Amanda Menasion

Students enjoy a beautiful sunny day on Lake Wapalanne.

Newark Christian School Students Explore the Outdoors at the New Jersey School of Conservation

Amanda Menasion

Students build confidence on the Climbing Wall

NJSOC Welcomes Gill St. Bernard's School

NJSOC kicks off 2015 academic year with school from Gladstone

Kate Hausman

The students discover a clue in the form of a screech owl during their Questing activity

Kent Place School Visits NJSOC

Summit school returns to NJSOC for environmental education experience

Kate Hausman

Students participate in the Action Socialization Experience

JCJA Experiences New Jersey's Forested Landscape

Rachel Yerkes

A student tries her hand at shaping a piece of wood using the shaving horse during Colonial Woodworking.

Lafayette School Ventures to Montclair State University's NJSOC

Fifth graders have environmental education experience at the New Jersey School of Conservation

Olivia Hathaway

Students look for aquatic invertebrates during Water Ecology

Jersey City Joint Activities Return to the NJSOC

The Jersey City school students continue to enjoy the educational activities at Montclair State University's environmental field station.

Kate Hausman

A student looks for aquatic macro invertebrates during the Water Ecology class

Stone Bridge Middle School Visits the NJSOC

Making their annual pilgrimage to the School of Conservation, Stone Bridge Middle School enjoys another educational experience in Stokes State Forest

Rachel Yerkes

Students enjoy a beautiful day on Lake Wapalanne

Judd Elementary School has Environmental Experience at the NJSOC

Continuing a long tradition of learning in the outdoor classroom, the Judd Elementary School travel to Stokes State Forest for another environmental education experience

Olivia Hathaway

Students work together to move the Australian Trolleys during the Action Socialization Experiences.

JCJA Enjoys Another Outdoor Experience at the NJSOC

Students bring enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge to their woodland adventure.

Amanda Menasion

Graduate student Stephanie Sherman leads students on a hike to teach them about our local watershed.

Holy Cross School Spends a Day at the NJSOC

Sixth graders learn about the natural world at Montclair's environmental field station