Parking Information for Commuters

All commuter students parking on Montclair State University’s campus must be registered to a valid commuter permit or pay by hour.

The exceptions are for those who will park only in metered spaces in Lot 19, use the Paybyphone app to park by the hour in commuter surface lots/Car Parc Diem, pay the hourly rate in the Red Hawk Garage, or pay the daily rate in the NJ Transit Garage. Rates can be found on the Parking Rates and Fees page.

All Montclair State University permits are virtual, meaning they are linked to your license plate number (no hangtags or decals). So, make sure your vehicle information is accurate.

Parking Permit Options Available

Below is a list of the following permit options and pricing. To find out more information on when and where you can park with the following permits, check out the Parking Regulations Page.

General Commuter Permit $260.00 (Plus tax)
Semester General Commuter Permit (Fall or Spring) $135.00 (Plus tax)
Evening Commuter Permit $125.00 (Plus tax)
Semester Evening Commuter Permit (Fall or Spring) $65.00 (Plus tax)
Red Hawk Parking Garage Student Permit

(Need 60+ Credits/ Graduate Students)

$400.00 (Plus tax)
Semester Red Hawk Parking Garage Student Permit (Fall or Spring)

(Need 60+ Credits / Graduate Students)

$205.00 (Plus tax)
Motorcycle Permit
(Must purchase in Red Hawk Parking Service Office)
$100.00 (Plus Tax)
Where Can I Park?
General Commuter Lots Lots 21, 22, 23N, 23S, 24, 26, 27, 28, 28S, 29, 41, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49. 60, 61, 19 and CPD (Car Parc Diem). See time restrictions on the Parking Regulations tab.

The designated lots can be viewed on Montclair State University’s Parking Map.

Use the Parking Logix Parker Mobile App to find see which parking spaces are currently available.

How Can I Purchase A Permit?

Commuters can purchase a permit through our online Portal. Permits become available for sale on August 1st.

  • How can I update my parking account information?
  • Can I have multiple vehicles listed on my account?
    • You can have multiple vehicles listed on your permit but only one vehicle can be parked on campus at a time. You can add a vehicle on your account by going to the Parking Services Website, selecting account info, selecting “Manage account”, login, then select “Vehicles” at the top, and add vehicles as needed.
  • What are the procedures for accessible parking?
    • Anyone that has been issued a state-issued hang tag or license plate through their local municipality/township may park in any accessible parking space in any lot or deck on campus. A parking permit or payment using Paybyphone is required along with the accessible hang tag/plate. MSU Parking Services does not issue accessible parking permits.
  • As a student, when can I park in Lot 19?
    • If you are a commuter, you can park in Lot 19 from 4:00 pm – 3:30 am on Monday -Thursday and 4:00 pm Friday – 3:30 am Monday. You MUST pay if parked in a metered spot. If you are in a metered spot, you must pay by using Paybyphone code Loc# 4038.
  • I got a ticket, what do I do now?
    • Tickets (citations) must be paid or appealed online through our Portal. Appeals must be made within twenty-one (21) days of the date the ticket is issued. Get more information in the Parking Regulations.
  • How can I avoid a ticket?
    • Purchasing a parking permit and adhering to the regulations is the best way to avoid receiving a citation. A commuter parking permit gives you access to more parking spots and less time restrictions than a pay by hour option. When utilizing Paybyphone, make sure all information is entered accurately before walking away from your vehicle.

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