CarParc Diem Deck

Refunds and Exceptions


As of the 1st of September, permit refunds will be prorated by month, and no refunds will be made after February 1st of the next year. All outstanding parking fines with Parking Services must be paid in full prior to refund issuance and valid identification must be provided in order to receive a refund. Refunds will be made by check which may take up to 6 weeks for receipt in the mail.

All refunds will be charged a $15 administrative fee.

Please fill out the Refund Request Form and bring it to the Parking Office on Level 1 of the Red Hawk Parking Deck. If you have a physical permit, you must return it when you submit the form.

Parking Exceptions

Any student with an extenuating circumstance may request a parking exception to acquire a permit that their status would normally not allow them to obtain. To request an exception, complete the request form. Please note that work purposes are not a valid exception request.

The submission of a request does not guarantee that a permit will be issued and is subject to availability.

Contact Parking Services
Red Hawk Deck, Level 1