Electric Vehicle Charging

As of March 2019, Montclair State students, faculty, staff, and guests are able to charge their electric vehicles on campus!

Charging stations are located at:

  • The Red Hawk Deck 1st floor
  • CarParc Diem Deck 3rd floor.

The cost of charging a vehicle is $0.25 per hour and vehicles should only be charged in an EV space for up to four (4) consecutive hours. After four (4) hours, you must move your vehicle to a non-EV space, so others may gain access to the station. If your vehicle remains charging longer than four (4) hours, the cost of charging will increase to $2 per hour.

EV Charging Station Regulations:

  • Montclair State University community members with the appropriate University parking permit may access the EV stations without additional parking fees, but will need to pay for the cost of charging.
  • All faculty/staff who have a permit may use the charging station in Car Parc Diem. Please note the vehicle needs to be moved out of the parking deck after the four-hour time limit.
  • Community members and guests without University parking permits may pay the posted rate at the Red Hawk Deck or use PaybyPhone® in the CarParc Diem Deck to gain access to the charging stations, provided they have a registered ChargePoint account.
  • The vehicle must be actively charging when parked in a charging space.
  • There is a four (4) hour time limit for all users.
  • Parked vehicles that exceed the posted time limit and/or are not actively charging will be issued citations.

How To Use These Charging Stations

  1. Before using a ChargePoint station, you must download the ChargePoint app and create an account. In order to do this, you will need to log in to your personal ChargePoint driver account and provide your credit card details.
  2. Make sure to turn off your EV and open your charge port lid and cap before charging. There should be a button or release for the charge port lid in your EV, as for a fuel door.
  3. Tap your phone (with the app signed in to your account) or ChargePoint card on the station to unlock the charging connector; or, tap the orange “Start Charge” button on the station info page in the app.
  4. Unlock the plug from the holster, remove the charging connector and plug it into your EV.
  5. For fast charging, press the blue button.
  6. Check your EV to make sure it’s charging (there are often indicator lights on the dashboard).
  7. You will receive an update when your car is done charging. When you get back to your EV, tap your phone or card (if fast charging, push the blue button) to end your session. The station will show you how much your charge cost and you will be sent a receipt.
  8. Don’t forget to unplug the connector and put it back in the holster. The station will display the duration and cost of your charging session.