Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Permit?

Yes. Everyone who parks on campus needs to register their vehicle and obtain a parking permit. The only exceptions are for those who will park only in metered spaces in Lot 19, pay the hourly rate in the Red Hawk Garage, or pay the daily rate in the NJ Transit Garage.

You can register your vehicle and get your permit online.

All permits are virtual, meaning they are linked to your license plate number (no hangtags or decals!). So, make sure your vehicle information is accurate.

Permit Type Price
Commuter Surface Lot $260
Resident Permit (Senior/Graduate) $350
Student Red Hawk Garage $400
Faculty/Staff Red Hawk Garage See Parking Rates

See more permit options in the Parking Regulations.

Can Freshman and Sophomore residents have vehicles on campus?

Residents with less than 30 credits are not allowed to register or park a vehicle on campus due to limited parking capacity.

Residence students who have 30 credits can purchase an NJ Transit permit or RE permit. NJ Transit permits are purchased by MSU and resold to Sophomore students from NJ Transit parking operators at no additional cost to the students.

Where can I park?

Each permit type is associated with a specific color on our Parking map.

Lot Color on Map Permit Types Allowed
Yellow Commuter Students
Full-Time, Part-Time, and Adjunct Faculty/Staff
Orange Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty/Staff
Light Blue Handicap Accessible
Dark Blue Visitor Parking
What are the rules?

We strongly recommend that you read the Parking Regulations.
What if I can't find a parking space?

General parking near the core of campus including Carparc Diem tends to fill up the fastest. If you are arriving on campus between 10 am and 1 pm Monday-Friday, the fastest option for getting to class is to park in Lot 45 or 60 and ride our free shuttle to the core of campus. Lots 45 and 60 tend to always have an abundant number of available spaces, even during peak times.
Why did I get a ticket?

Parking Services enforces parking regulations all year round to maintain order and to safeguard permit holders’ parking privileges. The department uses citations and fines to communicate and correct behaviors for the benefit of permit holders.
I got a ticket. What now?

Tickets (aka citations) should be paid or appealed online.
Appeals must be made within twenty-one (21) days of the date the ticket is issued.
Get more information in the Parking Regulations.
How many appealed citations are forgiven/reduced?

Parking Services utilize a flexible approach; all first-time appealed citations are reduced to a warning as a learning opportunity for both Parking Services and the customer with the citation. Parking Services also understands that people make a mistake occasionally, and therefore, over 80% of first-time citations in an academic year either are reduced to a warning or the fine reduced significantly.

How many tickets can you get before you are booted or towed?

Anyone who has incurred $150 in parking fines is considered a scofflaw and may be booted and towed after 24 hours.
Where does the money I pay for parking fines and fees go and what is it used for?

Parking fines and fees are collected and deposited to the University General Fund. The general fund is maintained for construction activities and other operations, which include a share of utilities, landscaping, cleaning, signage, maintenance, and repair expenses.
In addition to operating costs, parking expenses include debt service for the parking structures and construction/equipment reserve. These reserve contributions fund future projects and required equipment purchases. Routine maintenance and periodic large-scale overhaul projects such as paving are required to keep our facilities safe and functioning properly.
What are the procedures for accessible parking?

Anyone that has been issued a state-issued hangtag or license plate through their local municipality/township may park in any accessible parking space in any lot or deck on campus. A parking permit or payment using paybyphone is required along with the accessible hangtag/plate. MSU Parking Services does not issue accessible parking permits.

My car battery died on campus. What do I do?

Parking Services is happy to assist you with a battery jump. Simply call the office at 973-655-7580 and provide your specific location so Parking Staff can find you.
How can I update my information?

Login to Review Your Account or update vehicle information with accurate information.
What are your office hours?

We are open during the following hours:

8:30am-7:00pm Monday & Wednesday

8:30am-4:30pm Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Assistance is available 24/7 by calling 973-655-7580, unless the University is closed.

Contact Parking Services
Red Hawk Deck, Level 1