Parking Information for Faculty and Staff

All employees can obtain a parking permit upon completion of the hiring process (usually when a NetID has been issued).

The permit you can obtain is dependent on classifications issued by University Human Resources. All those who received complimentary parking must still register for a parking permit.

How Do I Get A Parking Permit?

Faculty and Staff can purchase a permit through our online Portal. Alerts are sent to faculty when permits become available for sale.

Where Can I Park?

The designated Faculty and Commuter lots, and the Red Hawk Deck, can all be utilized by Faculty. The designated lots can be viewed on Montclair State Univerity’s Parking Map.

Use the Parking Logix Parker Mobile App to find see which parking spaces are currently available.

How Do I Pay?

The University provides complimentary parking for Full or Part Time Faculty/Staff. However, full and part time staff utilizing this option must still register for a Full-Time Faculty/Staff Permit or Part-Time Faculty/Staff Permit. Staff and faculty also have the option to utilize the Red Hawk Deck permit, which allows parking in the garage. The Red Hawk Deck permit price is commensurate upon the salary of the individual. The salary range and pricing can be seen under the Red Hawk Deck Pricing for Faculty/Staff. To view additional staff and faculty permit options, visit the Permits For Employees tab.

  • When should I register for my permit?
    • All individuals should register for a permit when they become available online. It is especially important to make sure your permit registration is completed before parking on campus.
  • How can I update my parking account information?
  • Can I have multiple vehicles listed on my account?
    • You can have multiple vehicles listed on your permit but only one vehicle can be on campus at a time. You can add a vehicle on your account by going to the Parking Services Website, selecting account info, selecting “Manage account”, login, then select “Vehicles” at the top, and add vehicles as needed.
  • Can I share a permit with another person?
    • Permit sharing is not allowed by anyone parking on campus. Every member parking on campus needs their own, individual parking permit. If anyone is found in violation of this regulation, they risk consequences which may result in revoking the parking privileges.
  • What are the procedures for accessible parking?
    • Anyone that has been issued a state-issued hang tag or license plate through their local municipality/township may park in any accessible parking space in any lot or deck on campus. A parking permit or payment using paybyphone is required along with the accessible hang tag/plate. Montclair State University Parking Services does not issue accessible parking permits.

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