Parking Regulations

Academic Year 2015-2016

Effective July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

Montclair State University Parking Services is pleased to provide you with the Parking Regulations for 2015-16. We ask that you read this document thoroughly as it is your guide to parking options on campus.

Similarly, please take note of any emails sent to your MSU email account related to parking information, updates or changes from Parking Services will also be posted under the News and Announcements section of our homepage.

Jurisdiction & Authority

In 1994, the Legislature adopted a law that created a Board of Trustees for each state college and delegated to it the authority to supervise and govern the college or university. One of the specific powers delegated to the Board is to determine policies for the administration of the university and promulgate rules, regulations and orders necessary for the operation of the university. See, N.J.S.A. 18A:64-6.c and m.  Consistent with those powers, MSU's Board authorized the adoption of parking regulations in 1978, and revisions thereto in 1981 and 1984, that govern the regulation of parking on campus including the issuance of citations and the collection of fines.

Parking Services’ primary jurisdiction is the enforcement of these parking regulations in and on the parking lots, garages, and campus core of Montclair State University – as well as off-site properties and facilities rented or owned by the University. In addition, Parking Services has concurrent responsibility with the University Police Department for the on-campus streets and walkways. These parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and only Parking Services may exempt any aspect of these parking regulations.

MSU does not assume liability or responsibility for damage or theft to any vehicle parked in or on University properties.


Permit Information

By obtaining a parking permit, the permit holder agrees to become familiar with and abide by this document. This document is subject to updates throughout the academic year.

Unless a vehicle is using a short-term parking option, all students, employees, and guests are required to have a parking permit for any vehicle that they park on campus. A vehicle, for the definition of requiring a permit, are those required to be registered with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.  Permits allow the authorized holder to park one vehicle in lots designated by the type of permit issued. A permit does not provide assurance of a parking space at any given time or location. In addition, parking lots or parking garages are subject to closure for special events, weather conditions, or construction without additional compensation.

Virtual Permits:

A virtual permit is attached to a vehicle by the vehicle's license plate number and must be renewed yearly. All parking permits are virtual – there is no decal or hangtag to display.

Permit holders may link up to four vehicles to any one permit. Permit holders must communicate all updated vehicle information to Parking Services.


Students, Faculty, and Staff will register their vehicles online when they purchase a parking permit.

The Parking Services Office only accepts vehicle registration that belongs to the owner of the vehicle or a parent/guardian of a student. This is considerable proof of vehicle ownership.

If you wish to change or delete vehicles associated with your account please email or contact Parking Services to make the adjustments.

All permits must be re-issued at the start of each new academic year and they remain the property of Montclair State University.

Students and employees will not be permitted to register for parking until all outstanding fines are paid in full.


All refunds will be charged a $15 administrative fee. After the second week of the semester, permit refunds will be prorated by month, and no refunds will be made after February 1st of the next year.   All outstanding parking fines with Parking Services must be paid in full prior to refund issuance. Proper identification must be provided in order to receive a refund, and all refunds will be made by company check which may take 4-6 weeks for receipt.


Types of Permits

A. Commuter Students (Virtual Permits)

  • General Commuter Parking Permit- $250.00, – Valid September 1 – May 31.
    • Allows parking in all commuter (yellow) surface parking lots and the CarParc Diem Parking Garage Monday-Thursday from 6:00am to 3:30am and Friday 6:00am - Monday 3:30am. The CarParc Diem Parking Garage will be closed after 3:30am Monday-Thursday – all vehicles must vacate the parking garage by 3:30am Monday-Thursday.
  • Evening Permits: $125.00 – Valid September 1 – May 31.
    • Allows parking in commuter (yellow) lots including CarParc Diem Parking Garage from 4:30pm to 3:30am and from 4:30pm Friday to 3:30am Monday
  • Red Hawk Deck Permits- $425.00 – Valid September 1 – August 31.
    • Available to Commuter students with 60 or more credits.

B. Resident Students - Thirty or more credits, and Graduate

  • NJ Transit Parking Permit- $300.00, Valid September 1 – May 31
    • Allows parking in NJ Transit Parking Garage with no time restrictions.
    • NJ Transit Permits purchased through MSU will also be honored in commuter (yellow) surface lots including the CarParc Diem Garage on weeknights 4:00pm to 8:00am and weekends beginning Thursday at 4:00pm until Monday at 8:00am.
    • NJ Transit permits may also park in Faculty/Staff (Orange) surface lots 4 and 5 on weekend nights Friday beginning at 4:00pm until 11:59pm Sunday. Overnight parking is prohibited in lots 4 and 5 on weekday nights. All resident vehicles must be moved from Lots 4 and 5 before 11:59pm Sunday.
      Parking in Lot 19 is permitted on weeknights beginning at 4:00pm until 6:00am the following morning. This lot is primarily used by faculty and staff and must be vacated by 6:00am on weekday mornings including Friday.
  • Red Hawk Deck Parking Permit- $425.00, Valid September 1 – August 31
    • Allows parking in Red Hawk Deck Parking Garage with no time restrictions.
    • Red Hawk Deck permits will also be honored in commuter (yellow) surface lots including the CarParc Diem Garage on weeknights 4:00pm to 8:00am and weekends beginning Thursday at 4:00pm until Monday at 8:00am.
    • Red Hawk Deck permits may also park in Faculty/Staff (Orange) surface lots 4 and 5 on weekend nights Friday beginning at 4:00pm until 11:59pm Sunday. Overnight parking is prohibited in lots 4 and 5 on weekday nights. All resident vehicles must be moved from Lots 4 and 5 before 11:59pm Sunday.
    • Parking in Lot 19 is permitted on weeknights beginning at 4:00pm until 6:00am the following morning. This lot is primarily used by faculty and staff and must be vacated by 6:00am on weekday mornings including Friday.

C. Resident Students – Twenty-nine credits or less

  • Resident students with 29 credits or less are not permitted to park on campus.
  • Exceptions may be granted for medical or academic needs.  To apply for an exception, please fill out a Parking Exception Request.
  • A car sharing program (ZipCar) is available.

D. Full-time University employees and/or Adjunct Faculty (Virtual Permits)

  • Surface Lot Parking Permit
    • Allows parking in all restricted (orange) employee surface parking lots and all commuter (yellow) surface parking lots with the exception of CarParc Diem.
  • Red Hawk Deck Permit - Valid September 1 – August 31. Please see Garage section below.

E. Part-time Staff (Virtual Permits)

  • Part-time Staff Surface Lot Permit (Virtual Permit)
    • Allows parking in all commuter (yellow) surface parking lots and CarParc Diem between 6:00am-3:30am, and all restricted (orange) employee surface lots after 3:30pm through 6:00am Monday-Thursday, and 3:30pm Friday through 6:00am Monday.
  • Red Hawk Deck Permit - Valid September 1 – August 31.  Please see Garage section below. (Permit Prices)

F. Other Permit Types

  • Summer Parking Permits: Valid May 15th-August 31.
    • Allows parking in commuter (yellow) lots and the CarParc Diem Parking Garage.
    • Overnight parking is permitted in commuter (yellow) surface lots.
  • Motorcycle Permits: Valid September 1 – May 31
    • Available to employees, students with 30 or more credits, and graduate commuter students.
    • To obtain a motorcycle permit, you must purchase it in the Parking Services office.
  • Contract Employee Permits: Valid September 1 – August 31
    • Allows parking in all general (yellow) surface parking lots.
  • Service Vehicle Permits (Virtual Permits)– Valid September 1 – August 31
    • Allows the user to park in an SV space for a maximum of 90 minutes. Additional time may be requested by calling the Parking Office in the Red Hawk Deck on a per-use basis
    • All MSU-owned vehicles are required to park in Service Vehicle Spaces. If one’s personal vehicle is believed to be needed as a service vehicle on campus, the Director, Dean, etc. of that department must verify that need. Departmental vehicles can also be assigned a Service Vehicle permit.
  • Alumni Permits:
    • Allows parking in any Commuter Lot between 6:00am-3:30am and Lot 19 (non-metered spaces) from 5:30am-7:30am.
  • Emeritus Permits: Valid September 1 – August 31
    • Faculty members who have attained the rank of emeritus are eligible for the same parking privileges as full-time faculty and staff.  The faculty member needs to present a copy of the status award letter to Parking Services to have their parking account updated.  
  • Reserved Parking Permits: Valid September 1 – August 31
    • Provide access to reserved spaces for specific University needs and are issued to departments or University Administrators as approved by the Director’s Office of Parking Services. Reserved Parking Permits are priced at a premium and are to be renewed annually.

     For a complete list of permit prices, see our Rate Card.


G.  Parking Garages & Permits

  1. CarParc Diem Parking Garage

The CarParc Diem is located on Yogi Berra Drive across from the Dinallo Heights Residence Hall.

Commuter students may utilize the CarParc Diem Parking Garage with their assigned (yellow) commuter permit. The facility will be enforced 24 hours a day to ensure the parking privileges of all permit holders.

  1. Red Hawk Deck

Red Hawk Deck permits are available to contract employees, faculty, staff, commuter students with more than 60 credits, and Graduate Students. (Permit Prices)

This permit entitles the holder to parking privileges in the garage at all times when the garage is open for public use. The permit does not provide a reserved parking space; however, sufficient parking spaces will be made available to accommodate the number of annual permits that are sold.

With the purchase of an annual permit, customers will register their vehicle's license plate numbers on their online parking account, associating it with their valid permit. A hangtag will be provided via USPS in order to identify the vehicle as a permit holder in the event that the parking garage closes to non-permit holders.

3.   New Jersey Transit Parking Garage

The New Jersey Transit parking garage is located on Clove Road across the street from the Village Apartments at Little Falls, and is owned and operated by NJ Transit. Semester parking permits for this facility are available on a limited basis.  These parking permits may be purchased from the University online or in office.

The New Jersey Transit Parking Garage is open 24 hours a day from September through May. From June through August, this facility is closed on weekends, but is in operation from one-half hour before the first train Monday morning, until one-half hour after the last train Friday night/Saturday morning.

Any questions or issues regarding this parking facility should be addressed to NJ Transit at their office in the garage on Clove Road by calling (973) 746-4237

Note: Buying a permit for one parking garage does not grant access to the others; the Red Hawk, CarParc Diem, and NJ Transit permits are each exclusive to that particular facility.

H. Floyd Hall Arena Parking Lots and Yogi Berra Field

The parking lots near the Floyd Hall Arena and surrounding Yogi Berra Field are reserved for the exclusive use of customers of these businesses. Parking Services has been requested to enforce these areas and issue citations as appropriate.


Parking for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

A. Disability Placard Registration

To be eligible to park in the parking spaces for disabled persons on campus (except in the Red Hawk Deck), you must first possess or obtain a state-issued PWD parking permit. This state-issued permit must be registered with Parking Services and be displayed along with your MSU permit in your vehicle when you are parked on campus. Verification assists Parking Services by reducing fraudulent use and is only required once.

Parking for Students with Disabilities

  • Commuter Permit:- $250.00 + tax – Valid September 1 – May 31.
    • Allows parking in designated disability-accessible parking on campus Monday-Thursday from 6:00AM to 3:30AM and from 6:00AM Friday to 3:30AM Monday.
  • Resident Permit:$300.00 – Valid September 1 – May 31.
    • Allows parking in designated disability-accessible parking on campus with no time restrictions.

The process to verify your placard is as follows:

  • Bring your state-issued PWD permit identification and placard to the Parking Office in the Red Hawk Deck for verification, along with a Photo ID.
  • Purchase a permit in-office only.

Parking for Employees with Disabilities

The process to obtain an MSU employee PWD permit is as follows:

  • Bring your state-issued PWD permit identification and placard to the Parking Office in the Red Hawk Deck.
  • Your state-issued permit will then be verified.
  • Purchase a permit online or in-office.

B. Where to Park—Visitors with Disabilities

The University provides accessible parking spaces in an effort to accommodate persons with disabilities. Visitors to campus with a State-issued PWD permit who do not possess an MSU-issued parking permit should park in accessible spaces in the Red Hawk Deck only or in metered spaces located in Lot 19.

In accordance with applicable State regulations, vehicles displaying state-issued PWD permits that are parked in metered spaces need only pay  the maximum allotted time of the meter and then do not need to re-feed the meter for 24 hours.

On weekends (4:00pm Friday through 7:00am Monday) anyone with a State-issued PWD permit may park in any PWD space located in the surface lots without an additional MSU permit displayed.


Visitor & Event Parking

A. Visitors & Non-permit Holders Parking on Campus

Surface lots, with the exception of metered or PayByPhone eligible spaces, are exclusively for MSU permit parking only.

Metered Pay Stations

A metered pay station is located in Lot 19 (map). Meter rates are $1.00 for each half-hour for a maximum of 90 minutes during peak times and 180 minutes during off peak times.  Peak hours are Monday-Thursday from 7:30am-7:30pm and Fridays from 7:30am-3:30pm. All other times are off peak. This machine currently accepts bills, credit cards, and coins. In order to provide equitable access, metered spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Vehicles are not allowed to remain parked past they maximum time period indicated. Refunds are only available with refund receipts issued by the meter.

Red Hawk Garage

The Red Hawk Garage is located on the main campus, adjacent to the Alexander Kasser Theater. The Red Hawk Deck has a capacity of 986 parking spaces, including 21 accessible spaces for disabled parkers.


Pay by Phone allows customers to use their cell phones to pay for short-term and event parking when it is permitted to do so.  You may call 1-866-234-7275 and use the location codes provided below or download the application on our website.There is a transaction fee for using PaybyPhone that is the responsibility of the user.  Information on Pay by Phone can be found at

PayByPhone Lot Locations

Location Code

Time Limits/Restrictions

Lots 21, 23N, 27, 29, 41, 28S, 28, 60, 47, 48, 45, 46, 22, 24 and CPD


Available 24/7

Lot 19 (metered spaces labeled “M”)


Please follow signs for short term parking instructions using meter.

90 minute max stay:

M-Th 7:30am -7:30pm  Friday 7:30 am-3:30pm

180 minute max stay: All other times



Citations & Appeals

Citations are issued to violators of these parking regulations to protect the rights of legitimate parking permit holders. The citations issued are non-criminal and will be collected via debt recovery.    

A.   Notification of Citations and Collection Procedures

All vehicles found to be in violation of the parking regulations may be issued a citation.  A written form of the citation may be placed on the vehicle at the time of the violation or sent to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Parking Services may send additional notifications of violations to the registered owners of the vehicle, however, these notices do not relieve the violator of their responsibility to either pay their fine or respond within the mandated time limits. 

A late fee will be added to each citation when payment has not been made within 22 days from the date of the violation, and an additional late fee will be added after 55 days.  Violators who fail to respond to a citation within ninety 90 days of the citation’s date of issuance will have the citation sent to a third-party collections agency.  If this occurs, additional collection agency fees may be added.

B. Citation Appeals

Citations must be paid and/or appealed online using Visa, MasterCard. Red Hawk Dollars may  be used for in-office transactions.

Citations may be appealed within 21 days of the date the citation was issued. After 21 days, the right to appeal is forfeited and the violator is responsible for all fines. The legal owner shall be responsible for all violations incurred by their vehicle.  

After your appeal is reviewed, you will receive an email or letter via USPS notifying you that your citation has been Upheld, Dismissed, or Reduced to a Warning.

Failure to respond to a parking citation may result in the following:

  • Students - A hold will be placed on a student’s account, preventing a student from registering for classes, gaining access to transcripts, or graduating, etc., if citations remain unpaid. In addition, late penalties may be added onto the citation(s) for failure to pay in a prompt manner, and may result in referral to a third-party collections agency.
  • Faculty and Staff – Access to parking for the following year will be denied until citations are paid.  In addition, late penalties may be added onto the citation(s) for failure to pay in a prompt manner, and may result in referral to a third-party collections agency.
  • Visitors – Failure to pay citations will result in passing the outstanding balance to a collections agency.  In addition, late penalties may be added onto the citation(s) for failure to pay in a prompt manner. Visitors may create a guest account to appeal or pay citations online.

C. Booting

A vehicle may be immobilized (“booted”) for the following reasons:

  • Parking in a “No Parking Zone”
  • Parking on Lawns/Developed/Restricted Areas
  • Parking in Reserved Parking spaces
  • Customers with outstanding tickets in excess of $150.00, who are at least twenty-one (21) days from the date of the citation issuance.
  • Vehicles parked in the same location, without being moved from the space, for more than 72 consecutive hours, if the vehicle is also eligible to be towed.

Immobilization devices may not be removed until payment in full has been received.

D. Towing

A vehicle may be towed for the following reasons:

  • Immobilized (“booted”) for more than 24 hours.
  • Parking in spaces designated as Disabled without the proper placard or permit.
  • Parking in an area designated as a Fire Zone.
  • Parking in a manner that obstructs a designated crosswalk, obstructs traffic, or obstructs a loading zone.
  • Parking in a manner that fails to comply with Emergency Parking Notices (ie. Operation Snow Clear).
  • Vehicles with outstanding account balance greater than $500.
  • Vehicles where we are unable to apply the booting device securely or due to vehicle modifications where the vehicle may be damaged during the application of the device.
  • Vehicle parked in areas were “Tow-Away Zone” signs are posted
  • Persistent Violators - any vehicle or parking account that has six (6) or more (paid or unpaid) parking citations in a permit year.  After the fifth citation, any vehicle linked to the account may be towed for each subsequent violation.

Any vehicle in the process of being towed, but not yet removed from campus is subject to a road charge fee by the tow company. All towing and storage charges must be paid directly to the tow company by the owner of the vehicle. All tow fees are set by the tow company. Vehicle owners will be requested to pay all outstanding account balances at the Parking Services office prior to their vehicle being released from the company.

E. Violations

There is no parking, standing, or stopping on any roadways on campus. Stopping, standing, or idling for the purposes of picking up or discharging passengers, or loading and unloading is prohibited on all roadways and in areas that block access to driveways, sidewalks, stairs, delivery areas, bicycle lanes, pedestrian lanes, loading zones, parking stalls, curb cuts for the disabled, fire lanes, or entrances and exits to parking lots. There is no parking, stopping, standing, or idling permitted within the campus core, which has been designated a pedestrian area only for safety purposes.

Violation and fines:

Not Parked within a Stall - Parking in a manner where the tires are outside of the lines designating a parking space, including elongated lines to the front or rear of the space, and restricting access to park properly in adjacent spaces.


Parked in a Space with an Expired Meter/Maximum Time Violation - There is no grace period. To ensure turnover, vehicles are only allowed to park in metered spaces for the published maximum time limit. 


Loading Zone Violation - Parked in a designated loading zone greater than 15 minutes.


Not Moving a Vehicle When Instructed - After notification by email, letter, sign, or verbal, the vehicle is not removed from the lot or garage.


Parking Permit Violation - The vehicle does not have a valid permit to park on campus, fails to display a permit when required, parks in the incorrect lot for the permit designation, or fails to register the vehicle attached to the permit.


Improper Parking/Parked in a No Parking Zone - Unauthorized parking in areas of the campus not designated for parking.  Parked in an area that is posted with "No Parking" signs or painted in a manner that designates no parking.


Parking on the Grass or a Sidewalk - Unauthorized parking on campus grass, lawns, or sidewalks.


Failure to park off roadway


Parked within 10 feet of a fire hydrant - Parked within 10 feet of a hydrant or other devices used for fire suppression.


Parking in a Reserved Space - Unauthorized parking in a space designated as reserved either by sign or paint.


Parking in a Fire Lane - Parked in an area that is designated as a Fire Lane.


Disabled Person's Space Violation - Unauthorized parking in a Persons With Disability space or the vehicle has no valid placard.


Use of a Fraudulent Permit - Displaying or attempting to display a permit that was fraudulently obtained, created, or unauthorized by Parking Services.


Time Limit Violation - Parked in a space designated for 15 minute loading/unloading greater than the time allotted


Tampering with University Equipment - Successful or attempted tampering, damaging, or stealing of equipment owned and operated by the University Time Limit Violation


F. Other Rules

  • Any vehicle parked on University property for 24 hours without a valid registration or license plate will be treated as abandoned. An abandoned vehicle will be towed and stored at the owner's expense.
  • The University reserves the right to revoke the parking privilege of anyone who continually violates the University Parking Regulations whether or not the citations are paid.
  • The speed limit in MSU lots and parking garages is restricted to 5 miles per hour. Persons exceeding the posted speed limits may result in the loss of parking privileges.


Loading Zones

MSU service vehicles and delivery vehicles may park in loading zones for up to 15 minutes. Other vehicles must display the appropriate permit prior to parking in a loading zone. Any persons who feel they must park in a loading zone for a specific reason must get clearance from Parking Services. Otherwise, the individual is subject to citation. Permission will not be granted, or will be rescinded, if the motor vehicle is parked in a manner which obstructs a fire lane, impedes vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or is parked in any other unsafe manner.


Operation Snow Clear

All residential and commuter parking lots will be taken offline and will not be available for parking to accommodate snow removal. Resident Students will receive notification and instructions pertaining to Operation Snow Clear via email from the Office of Residential Education. Commuter Students, Faculty, and Staff will receive notification from MSU Administration with instructions on where to park during inclement weather or snow removal operations. Please note: the top levels of both the Red Hawk Deck and CarParc Diem may be subject to closures for snow and ice removal.

Vehicles that remain in surface parking lots while Operation Snow Clear is in effect are subject to citation and towing at the owners expense.