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Academic Advising

Montclair State students benefit from a robust academic advising program designed using national best practices. The model is based on the “SSIPP” philosophy of sustained, strategic, integrated, proactive, and personalized advising. Through the New Student Seminar and sustained outreach, students understand the purpose and value of advising and can articulate how advising fits within the university structure to support their success.

Advising is coordinated in each school, college, or program by leaders who form the Advising Strategy Group, a central body that ensures a consistent advising experience for students across the University. In most colleges and schools, a Student Success Center houses professional advisors and career services professionals; in others, advising is integrated differently. All new first-year students are assigned a professional advisor in their home college or school who helps them set academic goals, develop a meaningful educational plan, and utilize campus resources. Students in majors typically work with an assigned faculty advisor to further their goals and consider post-graduation plans.

Montclair State’s innovative model includes technology-mediated advising. Using the Navigate student success platform, advisors identify students who require particular intervention, and keep records of those interventions. Instructors support this approach by raising alerts when they are concerned about student progress, and students themselves utilize the system to make appointments with advisors and review their advising records in conjunction with their academic transcript. The platform contains analytics to help Montclair State improve student retention and success.

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