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Advising 2025

Advising 2025: Creating a Coordinated Care Network for Student Success

Supported by Title III funding (Strengthening Institutional Programs, Part A), Advising 2025 is a five-year project that will provide much-needed resources to the University to support student persistence and success. Montclair State has determined that the development of interlocking activities that reach students at different spaces and junctures, but share the same service approach, will create a network of coordinated care, resulting in a transformed campus support system, improved persistence, and increased retention and completion.

The following represent some of the anticipated long-term outcomes of the Advising 2025 initiative, which also align with the University’s Strategic Plan (SOAR):

  • Increase student persistence
  • Reduce barriers to graduation
  • Reduce time to degree
  • Increase graduation rate
  • Increase fiscally-sound decision making
  • Increase first-year students’ sense of belonging and perceived support
  • Strengthen the institution

The activities of Advising 2025 will be conducted from October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2024.

Co-Project Directors:

  • David Hood, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean, University College
  • Danielle Insalaco-Egan, Assistant Provost for Student Success

Activity Area 1: Student Success Centers

Develop student success centers in order to enhance the advising model by providing students with highly personalized and proactive attention to educational and career planning.

Activity Area 1 includes hiring three academic advisors and five employer relations specialists in several colleges. More advisors will reduce caseloads, and employer relations specialists will develop more internships in majors that require them. Further, self-service kiosks, which can be used for Navigate and Symplicity, will be installed in a number of areas across the University.

Scott Kight, coordinator

Activity Area 2: New Student Seminar

Strengthen the New Student Seminar through building a mentoring program at each of the University’s colleges that will support first-year students, and creating a locus for financial education that will continue through students’ careers.

Through Activity Area 2, students will receive a comprehensive financial education curriculum over the course of their career at Montclair State, which will be initiated in the New Student Seminar and continue outside the classroom. Further, a peer mentoring program, University Fellows, will be embedded in the New Student Seminar.

Duane Williams and Temeshia Lemons, coordinators

Activity Area 3: Professional Development

Develop a sustained, strategic, integrated, proactive, and personalized approach to student success throughout the coordinated care network of student support providers. 

The funding available in Activity Area 3 will ensure that effective professional development is available and consistent across the institution for advisors, peer mentors, and tutors. This will include a comprehensive onboarding program as well as continuing professional development for these constituencies.

Daphne Galkin, Julie Mazur, and Jane Sanchez Swain, coordinators