School of Communication and Media

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Film Students Partner With New York Film Critics Series

WMSC FM a 2017 Marconi Award nominee for “Noncommercial Station of the Year”

Dr. Keith Strudler Named School of Communication and Media Director

The School moves into a new cutting-edge facility this fall.

Coming Soon: A 21st-Century Home for the School of Communication and Media

Preview the new building’s top-10 features

SCM Honors Outstanding Student Achievements

Collaborative Journalism Summit Highlights New Ideas for Impactful Reporting

TVDM Seniors Meet With NBCUniversal Global Media Operations

Taking Advantage of Opportunities – Public Relations Graduates

A City Caught in the Crossroads of Time

Brittany Zwier

Grad Student Wins $10K in Inventors Contest

What’s it like stepping into the Shark Tank?