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Degrees, Programs & Semester in L.A.

If you have a passion for communication and media – whether for film and television, communication, journalism and digital media, advertising or social media and public relations, you will learn how to channel that passion towards a profession at the School of Communication and Media.

As an undergraduate student, you will benefit from media-rich majors and an all-embracing liberal arts education.  As a graduate student, you will grow through advanced studies that integrate the disciplines of public relations and organizational communication or arts and health in ways that open up new career directions for you.

Our programs foster an appreciation of the interrelatedness of disciplines which, when integrated, have the greatest capacity to shape communities, even our global culture.

The School offers the following degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels:

Undergraduate Programs

AdvertisingAnimation / VFXCommunication and Media StudiesCommunication Studies MinorJournalism and Digital MediaJournalism MinorFilm and Television BA and BFARecording Arts and Production (BA) [an interdisciplinary degree with the Cali School of Music]Social Media and Public RelationsSports CommunicationFundamentals of Speech ProgramUndergraduate Core Curriculum

Graduate Programs

Public and Organizational Relations (MA)
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