Arts Living Community

Arts Living Community


Are you a visual, performing or communication arts student who would enjoy living and engaging with artists of all disciplines? The College of the Arts' Living community may be the environment you are looking for. Comprised of students majoring in art & design, music, theatre, dance, television and/or communication and media, the AILC in Freeman Hall on the south end of the campus — just across from the Cali School of Music and a few minutes walk from all of the college's visual arts and performance facilities.

But the College of the Arts' Living community is not just about convenience. It is about students with creative and multidisciplinary interests living together . . . sharing their passions and challenges and discovering their common ground.

The Experience

The College of the Arts' Living community is available to new freshmen and already-enrolled students in the College of the Arts.* To foster the interdisciplinary experience, efforts are made to balance representation of the different majors, where possible, among the residents.

There is a lounge and an adjacent art-studio facility equipped with a piano, work tables, easils and display walls -- spaces in which students can work and rehearse 'at home,' when they are not otherwise in the academic studios or practice rooms. A bulletin board allows for posting exhibition/performance/field trip announcements and notices of other common interests.

The AILC floors are staffed by Resident Assistants (RA's) who are upper-class students majoring in the College of the Arts. The RA's assist students in finding and creating opportunities for social engagement and peer learning across the disciplines; foster the informal exchange of ideas, joint projects and field trips; and encourage residents to be pro-active in the community. Residents will participate in floor meetings and may initiate or help organize special activities such as open-mic nights, talent shows, theatre-trips to New York, student exhibitions, movie-nights, etc. The AILC is as rich and stimulating as its residents make it.

Quotes from Arts Living Community residents:

"I made some of my best friends in ALC"

"I love being surrounded by arts people of all kinds.  It's wonderful to be with people who share common interests"

"I had an absolute amazing time.  I do not think my college experience would have been as good if I had not been living on the Arts Floor."

"The community allowed me to make friends in my own major, allowing class to be a much more enjoyable experience...allowing study groups to form and inevitably, friendships."

*note: Living in the  community is an option, not a requirement, for College of the Arts students.

How to Apply

Students interested in living in the community must be admitted as majors to the College of the Arts as well as demonstrate an expressed interest in participating in an interdisciplinary living community. Applicants must also have paid their admission and housing fees.

While the majority of students in the community are freshmen, upper classmen may be allowed to return on a space available basis — particularly those who wish to help enrich and foster the community together with new residents.

Students are encouraged to apply to the AILC as early as possible.


To apply for housing, follow the instructions of the Office of Residence Life. (Click on the link pertaining to your student status):